Last night on a new episode of "Kate Plus 8," Kate Gosselin had the sextuplets big 13th birthday. This was a great event, but Kate was missing her son Collin, who wasn't there once again. Collin has been living in a home to deal with his anger issues and he has been missing out on a lot of big family events lately. He doesn't get to go on trips with them or even be around for his birthday at home. You can assume that the family goes and visits him.

What did Kate have to say about Collin missing?

Aaden and Joel had fun doing a scavenger hunt and cooking over the campfire, but Collin was nowhere to be seen.

The boys are you used to having Collin around, but he has been gone for a while now. They had customized cakes and this made it so obvious that Collin wasn't there. The fans always notice that he is missing, though. It just isn't the same to see two little boys doing an interview instead of the three that the fans are used to seeing on the show.

Kate explained how hard it was on her saying, "The photos around the cake, I have them for every year, every child, every birthday. We always have the big birthday party at home on their 'em for every year. This year [was] much like last year, obviously the difference is that Collin wasn't there." Kate has not explained why she can't bring him home just for the day or exactly what the deal is with Collin Gosselin.

What is going on with Collin?

Collin is still gone to a home and Kate said that she is happy to know that each of her kids are in the place that they need to be. It sounds like she is still really secure with her decision. She said that it is a "bittersweet" moment with it being their birthday and Collin wasn't there. Kate admitted that she doesn't always say anything, but she is always thinking about the fact that he isn't there.

Right now, there is no word at all on if Collin will be showing up on the show or coming back home. Kate has never shared exactly how long he will be gone for, but the fans are very curious about him. Kate feels like she is doing the right thing for him right now. As a mom, this had to be a hard decision for her.

Are you shocked by Kate Gosselin's son Collin still being gone?

Do you feel like Kate is doing the right thing? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Kate Plus 8" on Monday nights on TLC. Hopefully, at some point Kate will address when Collin is coming home and if he ever is going to be on the show again.