Kailyn Lowry announced that she was pregnant with her third child earlier this year, just as the previous season of "Teen Mom 2" was airing. On that season, fans watched as she was going through her divorce from Javi Marroquin and they were shocked to see that they couldn't make it work for the children. There were accusations of cheating and Javi breaking into their family home. But this "Teen Mom 2" star knows what she wants and she doesn't really care about the drama that may follow.

When Lowry announced her pregnancy, fans were curious who the father of the baby was.

Many just assumed that it was Javi Marroquin's baby, as Lowry has hooked up with an ex-boyfriend before. But Javi revealed on social media that he hadn't been told about the pregnancy and he actually found out from mutual friends. It took months for Kailyn to reveal who the father of the baby was and when she confirmed that it was indeed a man named Chris Lopez, fans mocked her for having three fathers for her three children.

'Teen Mom' star now has three baby daddies to deal with

While it may have been nice to have a single father to all three children, Kailyn Lowry just wasn't ready to have more children with Jo Rivera when she was 16. Things didn't work out with Javi either, as she felt they had a toxic marriage.

Lowry wasn't planning on having more children, but when her doctor told her that she needed to consider a pregnancy if she wanted more children, Kailyn may have asked Chris Lopez to help out.

She has revealed that she's doing everything on her own from the first day, which could hint that he was merely a sperm donor. So when people want to slam Kailyn Lowry, they go after the fact that she has three fathers for her three children.

As it turns out, she really doesn't care.

Kailyn taking her sons away for a babymoon

Lowry hasn't revealed when her due date is, but she has hinted that she will meet her baby in the summer time. Kailyn has no idea whether she's expecting a boy or a girl, but she is planning on sticking to a baby tradition.

Before the baby arrives, she's going on a babymoon by herself. But once she returns home, she's bringing her two boys on a trip to celebrate before the baby comes.

One can imagine she will have her hands full with a brand new baby and no father to help out. But it was all planned, so one can hope she's ready for it.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's tweet about not really caring about people judging her? Do you think she will be able to handle three children on her own?