The most famous "Game of Thrones" meta-theory became much more likely after the second episode of the seventh season of the show. According to this theory, Samwell Tarly is the narrator of the "Game of Thrones" events and will end up writing the George R.R. Martin's books that were adapted into the TV series.

The Citadel's chandelier and the master's glasses

The theory is supported by a few pieces of evidence. The Citadel's chandelier looks extremely similar to the one featured in the opening titles of the show. The lens that briefly appears during the titles also reminds us of the glasses Citadel's masters use to study their old, big books.

Is the show narrated by a master of The Citadel? According to this theory, yes. And the speculation is also supported by a statement of producer Greg Spence. A while ago, recounting Angus Wall's original pitch for the "GOT" credits, Spence explained the idea behind the opening titles: "Somewhere in Westeros, there's a mad monk in a tower who has created a map of the world." A monk said Spence, who track of where everything is happening and what is going on on the Known World's map.

The Sam and Ebrose scene in 'GOT' season 7 episode 2

The scene in which Samwell and Ebrose discuss the book the Archmaester is writing is quite interesting. You can watch it below.

Archmaester Ebrose reveals that he's writing "A Chronicle of the Wars Following the Death of King Robert I," basically, a book about everything we're seeing happening in "GOT" since the beginning of the show.

Samwell looks disgusted by the title and Ebrose ask him: "What would you call it, then?" Sam suggests "something a bit more poetic." Something like "A Song of Ice and Fire" or "Game of Thrones," maybe!

It looks like the "GOT" authors added a wink that hints some kind of meta-role for Sam. Is he a stand-in for George R.R. Martin, the author of the "A Song of Ice and Fire" book series?

So, who will write the book on the show?

To be honest, it's unclear what is going to happen next. Maybe Samwell Tarly takes over writing duties from the Archmaester; maybe he just helps Ebrose to add "a bit of style" to his historical book. Whatever the case, we don't think that Samwell is going to stay at The Citadel forever.

Winter has come, and his place is by Jon Snow's side. Nonetheless, maybe Samwell will be back in Oldtown at the end of season 8, once the Great War is over. Who knows?

After the "Stormborn" episode one thing we can say for sure: the "Sam is the narrator" theory looks much more solid now.

Don't forget! The third episode of "Game of Thrones" Season 7, titled "The Queen's Justice" will air on July 30, on HBO.