Justin Bieber's name is unsurprisingly in the headlines once more after he accidentally hit a paparazzi photographer as he was leaving church on Wednesday night. But the real reason why fans are abuzz is because the singer recently canceled his Purpose World Tour, which was set to take him to several venues in the U.S. before heading to Asia.

The 23-year old's official statement read that there were some "unforeseen circumstances" that led to the cancellation of his massive tour, that already performed in over 100 venues throughout the last year.

As per PEOPLE, sources close to the singer said that he is "super exhausted" after touring for 18 months straight. Another singer who's all too familiar with the touring lifestyle is John Mayer, who recently took to Twitter to share his support and understanding for Bieber's decision to cancel the rest of his Purpose World Tour.

'Love on the Weekend' singer tweets about Bieber's tour cancellation

On Monday, John Mayer, who recently released a new record, tweeted his reaction to Justin Bieber's decision to cancel the remaining dates on the Purpose World Tour. He wrote, "When someone pulls remaining dates of a tour, it means they would have done real damage to themselves if they kept going. We've lost so many great artists lately.

I give Justin [thumbs up emoji] for realizing it was time to call it. You should too."

He also made reference to the devastating deaths of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell and Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, who both committed suicide just months apart from each other. Mayer highlighted the importance of taking mental health days off, especially for artists who may struggle in dealing with such issues.

Mayer says it's 'brave' and 'healthy' to decide to pause touring for one's health

In a recent interview with Variety, John Mayer spoke of touring life, saying that there must be a "balance" between going on the road and taking time off to recuperate. He explained that decisions such as, "'I think I'm done' is the bravest and healthiest one" to make when it comes to having to do such massive tours such as Justin Bieber's.

He admitted, "You spend your life on the road and the road is horrible, it’s what we put up with to be able to play."

Singer currently busy touring himself

John Mayer is currently in the middle of his The Search for Everything World Tour, which now finds him in Mountain View, California before he heads off to more venues in the U.S. and before heading off to South America in October, with venues in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.