Jenelle Evans from “Teen Mom 2” is getting ready to Tie The Knot with her boyfriend David Eason. The two have been together for quite a long time, and they share the daughter Ensley together. When Jenelle met David, many people thought that this would just be another relationship for her, and she had gone through several boyfriends over a short period of time prior to meeting him. And it seems like every time Jenelle found someone, she always said that he was the one for her.

This included her ex-husband Courtland Rogers who was busted for drug possession, Gary Head who was arrested for trying to choke her, and more recently Nathan Griffith who she's currently in a custody fight with.

However it seems like a relationship with David Eason has been nothing but a breeze since it began.

He has her back

Of course, it helps to know that David is on her side when it comes to her mother in the custody battle over little Jace. He is often taken Jenelle’s side because he doesn't feel that she has done anything wrong in this case. Her mom would beg to differ, but Evans feels that she's doing everything she can and David is her witness to this.

David has a daughter of his own from a previous relationship, and he recently won full custody of her. The two have been building a life together, and this week they announced that they are finally tying the knot later this year. In addition to that, Jenelle has a book coming out about her past relationships and her life growing up before “Teen Mom 2.” The book comes out in just a few weeks.

While many people are excited to see David and Jenelle Evans tie the knot, the reviews about her book are mixed. While the book isn't out yet, it sounds like some people are not as excited to read a book that she has written. This could be because the book is about her life prior to “Teen Mom” and her troubled relationship with her mother.

Her book will go deeper than the show

This has been a primary storyline on “Teen Mom 2” for years, and fans may be tired of hearing about it. But Jenelle will also open up about her drug abuse, which has been a storyline on “Teen Mom 2.” This storyline has not been explored in great detail. Writing this book was a way for Jenelle to communicate things to fans that she wanted to tell in her own voice.

Jenelle has often complained about not being able to portray herself in a positive light on the show, and she's tired of the producers always trying to give her negative storyline. She threatened to leave the show and start her own YouTube show last year, but Jenelle continue to film “Teen Mom 2.” This book may be her way of sharing her own story the way she wants it told.

What do you think about Jenelle Evans releasing this new book? What do you think about people being conflicted as to how the book will be?