Rumors surfaced this weekend that Jenelle Evans from "Teen Mom 2" is pregnant with her fourth child. The story surfaced after a few people and fans started talking about whether or not Jenelle is pregnant because she keeps hiding her stomach in pictures she shares on social media. Many people suggested that she was doing the exact same things this year as she did when she was pregnant with Ensley This has only fueled speculations that she's already pregnant with her fourth child.

Yesterday, Jenelle didn't write anything on social media that could indicate that she had heard the rumors about her possibly being pregnant with baby number four.

Instead, she updated fans in regards to her baby Ensley and she commented on Stevie Ryan's apparent suicide, which started trending yesterday on the Internet.

However, Jenelle Evans did hint that she had heard about the pregnancy rumor and she sent out a tweet talking about how she missed Ensley's early baby days. In other words, she kind of hinted that she had baby fever. According to a new tweet, it sounds like Jenelle might be hinting that she wants another baby because Ensley is growing up way too fast.

Is she already with child again?

Of course, it is biologically possible that Evans is pregnant already.

She gave birth to Ensley in January and she could have already started ovulating by this time. In other words, it's not completely impossible for her to be pregnant, even though she has revealed that she may be done having children.

But David may be interested in having more kids. He already has one daughter from a previous relationship and having Ensley might have given him baby fever once again.

Jenelle and David may be able to care for a fourth child as she still making money from MTV.

Would Jenelle be able to care for a fourth baby?

Many fans of "Teen Mom 2" have questioned whether or not the girls realize of the MTV show won't be around forever. But it sounds like Jenelle and the other girls are preparing well for the days when MTV decides to cut the show from their schedule.

Jenelle has recently purchased a house and she is still in court, fighting over full custody of her son Jace.

Jenelle has also finished school and she is contemplating whether or not she should get a job or continue to be a Stay At Home mom for the kids. This decision may influence whether or not she gets Jace back.

If Jenelle has invested her money well, she may be able to be a stay-at-home mom for a long time. This means that she could potentially have another baby with David without having to think too much about the finances. This could be a great relief for her as she's already had some uphill battles in regards to money, relationship, and her mother.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans possibly being pregnant with baby number four? Do you think that she is seriously pregnant again, even though she has revealed that she's done having children?