Jenelle Evans has been the target of a rumor recently that involves her being pregnant with a fourth child. Even though Jenelle just gave birth to her third child, a daughter named Ensley, this past January, people are already questioning whether she's carrying her fourth child.

The rumor surfaced on Twitter because Jenelle was showing pictures of herself where she was purposely hiding her stomach. This included wearing loosely fitted clothes, holding her arm across her belly, or just cropping out her stomach altogether in the pictures. This was the exact same thing she was doing when she was pregnant with Ensley and people started questioning whether she was truly pregnant with her fourth child.

Evans didn’t comment on the rumors on her social media profiles and she is getting better at not feeding into the drama that surfaces online about her. She's enjoying life with her daughter, her son Kaiser, her son Jace, and her boyfriend David Eason. However, it sounds like she will probably be subject to these rumors as long as she continues to cover her belly.

David Eason may just have revealed the truth

But according to a new Instagram post shared by her boyfriend David, it sounds like she isn't hiding her stomach at all. She recently shared a picture of her in a bikini on the beach and she has her stomach on full display. In other words, if this photo is new, then Jenelle is not four months along in her pregnancy.

Four months is usually where the belly is rather noticeable.

Of course, she couldn't be four months along because she gave birth in January and that would mean she would need to get pregnant as quickly as possible after giving birth. Her doctor may have advised against this, but that doesn't mean that she isn’t pregnant.

She could be just a few weeks along with her fourth child if a pregnancy is indeed something that she was willing to explore so shortly after birth.

When David and Jenelle found out that they were expecting little baby Ensley, he was very caring and he kept rubbing her belly. He also kept telling her how beautiful she was to give her confidence, as they entered this new chapter together.

A pregnancy isn't out of the question

In the Instagram post that Evans shared with fans on her Twitter timeline, David tells her once again how she is fine and how he is completely in love with her.

Perhaps these two are telling people that they are expecting another child together and they're just keeping the news close to themselves. Last year when Jenelle and David announced they were pregnant with baby Ensley, they didn't share the news until they knew it was a girl and they chose to do it with a photo shoot. It may be the same plan if they do have a fourth child together.

What do you think about David Eason sharing a picture of Jenelle Evans, clearly showing off her stomach? Do you think she's pregnant with her fourth child?