Amber Portwood has struggled with Depression And Anxiety over the past couple of years, and she's been very open about her life. This “Teen Mom OG” star battled depression long before she became the star that she is today and she opened up about her battle with depression and anxiety prior to going to prison.

On “16 and Pregnant,” she filmed with Gary Shirley as she was expecting her daughter Leah. During this time, she revealed that she was struggling with insecurities as well. This is something that she has been very vocal about and these days she feels mature enough to battle this in the public eye.

Because depression is a big deal within the “Teen Mom” community, she’s now speaking out about her desire to continue her talks about it. Just this weekend, actress Stevie Ryan committed suicide and she was an actress who was very vocal about the “Teen Mom” show.

Is this MTV star an inspiration to others?

While Jenelle Evans tweeted that she didn't get along with Stevie as a reaction to the suicide, many of the other stars expressed frustration and sadness that she had taken her own life. It sounds like Amber is referring to the suicide when she shared a tweet that talked about how she would never give up her battle to conquer her depression and anxiety.

According to this new tweet, it sounds like Amber is now becoming a voice for her followers so they can have someone to look up to in their own battles with depression.

One could argue that Amber Portwood's battle with depression stems from her troubled relationship with Gary, her insecurity about her body, and even her relationship with her father who passed away suddenly several years ago.

When Amber was arrested, she had the choice of getting anger management classes or serving time in prison.

Jail may have changed Portwood's life

Perhaps she was too stubborn to take anger management classes. Maybe she knew that it would be troubling for her to get through because of her depression, so she chose to serve time in prison.

This influenced her relationship with her daughter, but they are currently rebuilding their relationship.

It sounds like prison may have been the right decision for Amber as she could deal with her depression in her own way. Now, she's proud that she's gotten so far and people look up to her.

Of course, one could argue that Amber's relationship with Matt Baier isn't exactly helping her depression. He's already been caught lying to her and he may have expressed interest in two other “Teen Mom” stars prior to hooking up with her. She has already postponed the wedding a few times. One has to wonder if she will go through with it. One could argue that she would probably be happier on her own while building her relationships with herself and her daughter.

What do you think about Amber Portwood's tweet about never giving up her battle against her depression and anxiety? Do you think she's admired by many people because she is so open and honest about her personal struggles?