jay z has finally made his new album "4:44" a certified Platinum in just five days following its release. The new single has been recognized as a true hit by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) after it was made available on Friday.

The album was believed to be made available only in Tidal streaming service and to its pre-existing subscribers. However, what made it more impressive is the fact that the album is now made available to Sprint and to the entire Tidal subscribers. As per reports from Entertainment Tonight, "4:44" is currently Jay Z's 13th platinum hit on his list.

Without a doubt, the solo rapper deserves all the awards he received from the recording industry. An official tweet from RIAA has been posted and it says, "4:44 Goes Platinum - JAY-Z's 13 Platinum (or higher) solo studio Album Awards are more than any other hip-hop artist."

Jay has done it again

Amid the news that his album has been a certified hit again, Jay Z gained a lot of praises from his co-musicians and social media followers. One of the tweets on Twitter even said that the rapper has finally made it over again. Apparently, it is another platinum album that is being added to his iconic career in the music and recording industry.

His recent album has reflected around 1 million equivalent album units earned as per a report from Billboard.

As per RIAA, one equivalent album unit will also equate to one album sale with ten tracks sold from each album. The said sale will also demand of around 1,500 on-demand audio or online streams from a certain album.

Exclusively available to streaming service

A few days ago when "4:44" was released, the new single was only made available to the existing customers of Tidal streaming service.

However, exactly July 2, Jay Z's new album has been made available as free download and was sponsored by Sprint.

Subscribers were only directed to visit the website where they can immediately download "4:44." Each customer was only required to submit an email address in order for them to gain access to the free download from the streaming site.

Moreover, they were also required to give the promo code from Sprint in order to receive the album successfully.

There is no doubt for Jay Z to make it another hit once again. Those free downloads which were made free by Sprint had contributed a lot to his huge sales landing the platinum certification of his new single in just a few days. Perhaps, the certification has reflected the million of sales that "4:44" has reached.