Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner started dating back in December 2016 and just recently, the couple has decided to call it quits and go their separate ways. A report from E! News has confirmed that one of their fans noticed that the couple didn't spend the celebration together for the annual Fourth of July tradition.

The speculations had been made clear when Lautner was spotted in a solo celebration at Bootsy Bellows in Malibu, California. During the previous months, the former couple has shared back to back photos of them together. However, the couple started to be silent online since June until the news came out that both have decided to break up.

Lautner as a great boyfriend

Amid the sad news of their Split, some of their families and friends had praised the kind of relationship they had. In fact, Todd Fisher, Lourd's uncle, has praised Lautner a lot for being the kind of partner he was to Lourd. Fisher has thanked the man for taking care of her niece following the back to back death of her mother, Carrie Fisher, and her grandmom, Debbie Reynolds.

Todd also considered Lautner as a one-of-a-kind guy to her niece. He has amazingly supported their relationship and has even praised Lautner for being a deep person. Hence, their breakup news has made everyone sad, most especially, their families.

As of this time, the former couple is yet to comment on the real cause of the split.

Moreover, the press has also respected their silence and will wait for the time until both of them will speak out.

Both will remain, friends

As their break up news started to surface online, a source once told Hollywood Life that Loud and Lautner decided to remain friends. Despite the fact that they are no longer together, the former couple was reportedly trying to be friendly to each other.

Meanwhile, it was also believed that Lourd has been a focus of her work lately and perhaps, her love to her former partner is obviously dead. Nevertheless, their fans will always be thankful to Lautner as he helped Lourd carry through the difficult situation she once had during the death of her mother and grandmom.

He was seen comforting his former girlfriend during the funeral and Lautner has gained praises for that.

Apparently, what Lourd and Lautner had was a whirlwind kind of romance. Despite their split, their fans will still look forward that both will be good friends. Meanwhile, some of their followers couldn't help but hope for the former couple to reunite.