Former President Barack Obama may have been required by his previous position to keep state secrets under wraps. However, keeping details regarding Beyoncé and Jay Z’s new babies may be an entirely different story. During a congratulatory video intended for the rapper, the former president may have inadvertently revealed that Beyoncé could be expecting two baby girls.

Hall of Fame

Jay Z was set to be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at a grand ceremony in New York City, Thursday night. The rapper was unfortunately not present during the event, but his family, including his mother, sister, and grandmother were present.

During the induction, a video was played that showed Obama congratulating the rapper, while also specifically mentioning the upcoming birth of his twins with singer Beyoncé Knowles.

Spilling the beans

Obama proceeded to joke at just how similar he was to Jay Z, but that the rapper apparently will have him beat when it comes to how many daughters they each have. The way Obama talked about their daughters also seemed to imply that Beyoncé may have already given birth.

The former president mentioned that he and Jay-Z were just simply just “fools” for their daughters. Jay Z and Beyoncé currently have only one daughter, Blue Ivy, while Obama has two daughters, Malia and Sasha. The only way for Jay-Z to “beat” Obama is if he had twin girls.

Already given birth

While neither of the celebrities has confirmed the birth of their twins, numerous publications have claimed that their daughters may have already been born. Jay-Z was previously spotted on Tuesday frantically leaving his house to go to the Hospital.

Heavy security was also spotted at a Los Angeles hospital indicating that Beyoncé may be walking out of the facility at any time with two healthy babies.

A security personnel was even spotted carrying two baby seats. Meanwhile, Beyoncé’s sister was also seen pulling into the medical facility, which further fuelled rumors that Beyoncé has already given birth.

The biggest evidence, however, is Jay Z’s recent absence on several important occasions, including his absence at his own induction ceremony into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The award is a big deal for the rapper as it officially makes him the first rapper to be inducted into the prestigious group.

If Beyoncé has indeed already given birth, then being beside his wife and their new daughters will obviously be his number one priority.

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