The return of Daniel Craig to do another “James Bond” movie remains uncertain, but the rumors are strong that he is going to reprise his role. The film series' new installment now has an official release date and little details about its plot are now emerging.

The spy series originally written by Ian Fleming is said to be filmed in Croatia and two other countries. It now also has a working title “Shatterhand.” If ever the 49-year-old English actor returns, it is also reported that he might face a new blind villain.

The film’s alleged plot

The “James Bond” film’s 25th installment might be based on the novel “Never Dream of Dying” by Raymond Benson, Mirror reported.

In the book, the iconic British Secret Service is going to face a blind criminal genius, the man behind the sinister organization called the Union. When the police raid results to killing a bunch of innocent people, the intense turn of events begins in the south of France. Also, it is said to be filming in Japan.

The literary character will be hunting the big baddies with the help of a dead man’s jail confession. He will start to have a romance with a celebrity named Tylyn Mignonne, who happens to be the wife of the Union’s member. From here, the action will start. He said to have underwater fight scenes, a chase through the forest, a surprising meeting with an old friend, and of course, a fight with the antagonist.

The film’s location

Moreover, a source from Mirror unveiled that the new “James Bond” movie’s producers are eyeing to do the film’s production in Croatia.

“They are hoping to film in Croatia next year,” the insider said. The scriptwriters, too, think that this film will be a great follow up to the 2015 “Spectre.” The source also added that the film’s producers are quite angry that the city’s mayor revealed that they had been looking for the movie’s locations in the “coastal tourist hotspot of Dubrovnik.”

Stars and official release date

Meanwhile, the 25th “James Bond” film is now much-anticipated as fans are now looking forward to the return of Daniel Craig as the good-looking spy.

Although the husband of Rachel Weisz earlier said that he would rather slash his wrist than do another movie for the iconic franchise, fans might once again see his return as the spy in a suit. In fact, on his IMDb page, the movie is now listed on his profile. Christoph Waltz and Dave Bautista are also said to be back as the movie’s villains.

As announced by the film’s official Twitter page, it will be released on Nov. 8, 2019.