The "iZombie" Season 3 finale might change everything, including the lives of Liv Moore and her loved ones. Read on for more details about the popular CW series.

The first half of "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain" literally ended with a bang. A zombified Harvey Johns (Andrew Caldwell) wore an explosive vest which killed himself and the partygoers inside the house.

Meanwhile, Major (Robert Buckley) and Justin (Tongayi Chirisa) might have another chance to live again. They were the only ones who luckily avoided Death and went outside before the explosion.

However, moving on might be an easy thing for Major.

He just got fired from Chase's (Jason Dohring) company after the latter learned that he got cured. Adding fuel to the fire is the arrival of Natalie (Brooke Lyons) who just got back from being a zombie. They almost got back together prior to the explosion.

Liv goes berserk, breaks up with Justin?

Liv (Rose McIver) has a lot of things on her plate. According to Spoiler TV, Liv will learn about the truth but with grave consequences. It possibly hints on her recent tryst with Chase Graves after ingesting a sex addict's brain.

It seems that she had a hard time maintaining the balance between her life and the victim's past. This might even pose a problem for her and the future police cases with Clive (Malcolm Goodwin).

Based on the trailer, viewers will yet again witness her full-on zombie mode.

Aside from that, sleeping with the enemy isn't looking good for Liv and Justin. The promotional photos show that the two will not have a good moment together.

The episode this week will also feature what the other characters are up to. Peyton receives a job proposal from the sketchy Mayor Baracus.

The show also reveals that there will be some developments on the zombie outbreak.

'iZombie' season 4 spoilers

Good news to "iZombie' fans! Rob Thomas' hit CW show will continue to the fourth season along with "The Originals" Season 5. According to EW, the "Veronica Mars" showrunner teased some details about the upcoming installment.

Liv won't be returning into a human until the show's final episode. However, it's a good thing that they did not get their hands on Ravi's (Rahul Kohli) missing cure. Thomas said, “If there is ever a cure where things go well, it seems like the show will be over." Rob Thomas also said that the final episode of Season 3 will have a huge cliffhanger. The next season, on the other hand, will feature a "major reset" from the whole plot.

Will Major find solace in his future? Will Liv and Justin still be together by the end of Season 3? Can the gang stop the outbreak from spreading?

"iZombie" Season 3 Episode 13 "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain" Part 2 will air on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 on The CW. Stay tuned for more updates.