Northern Irish actor Jamie Dornan received wide recognition from fans around the world due to his portrayal as Christian Grey in the “fifty shades” franchise. Since then, he has been linked with his co-star Dakota Johnson, who plays as Anastasia Steele in the franchise. However, the actor is happily married to English actress Amelia Warner, whom he shared with two daughters. Recently, the actor was photographed in Northern Ireland coastline after playing golf, promoting tourism in the place. The view is indeed gorgeous but what makes fans thrilled is not the view of the coastline but the actor’s alleged “bulge” that can be seen in his trousers.

Is it for real?

Northern Ireland’s official Twitter account posted the photo of Jamie Dornan, who poses by the coast with a breathtaking view. “Look at that view! #CausewayCoastalRoute #DiscoverNI #DDFIrishOpen,” reads the caption. However, most fans did not mind the pretty view of the coastline, but it’s the actor’s crotch that makes them go wild. Other people though suggest that it’s not his private part that’s noticeable in his trousers but it could be something around in his pocket. Nonetheless, fans just can’t get enough of the photo, which has been retweeted many times.

The bulge in the picture of Jamie Dornan stir too much interest among fans, and the people in Northen Ireland are proud that it’s the “Fifty Shades Darker” actor who poses for the tourism campaign ad.

Everything’s well enough if not because of the distracting bulge that’s too obvious in his trousers. One fan suggests that the bulge somewhere in his pocket is just a golf ball. Perhaps it is. However, that doesn’t stop fans from drooling.

The “Fifty Shades of Grey” actor has been a sexy subject

Since Jamie Dornan started playing his role as Christian Grey in the “Fifty Shades” franchise, he has been a hot topic among fans.

People are following him whatever he does on TV, and even his personal life has also been a hot topic among fans these days. This is one good reason why his recent photo posing by the coast in Northern Ireland is one of the sexiest photos that surfaced online in the past week. People are even hoping that he would go full frontal and show off his manhood in “Fifty Shades Freed” that’s set to air in February 2018.

Just hope for the best, folks!

How do you feel about the recent photo of Jamie Dornan with his alleged crotch? Is it his manhood’s bulge? Perhaps, the fan who said it’s just a golf ball is right. What do you think?

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