American actress and a singer, Jamie-Lynn Singer, who is happily married to baseball professional, Cutter Dykstra, is now having her second child. Surprisingly, she revealed the sex of her baby via Instagram last July 28, 2017 (3 days ago). In a father and son playtime cute video edited by @donatiennela, which showed husband Cutter throws a pitch to three (3) year old son Beau in their garden in Los Angeles. When Beau hit the ball, it exploded with colored powder that indicates the gender of the new member of the family who is coming soon. It’s blue.

It’s a boy.

The actress shared that they were excited to announce it, as she captioned it in her Instagram video.

Also, In US weekly, Jamie who is four months pregnant shared that her gender reveal was “really fun” for three of them, Cutter, her and Beau. “We involve Beau and something he loves to do,” she said. She also added that Beau was even excited to be part of it.

5x Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test to confirm pregnancy

Back on July 18, 2017, I Do actress post a merry confession on her Instagram account that she was pregnant. The picture portrays Jamie lying on the white bathroom floors with a smile on her face and the 5 Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test (with the word pregnant on it) on the side.

The caption expressed it was the picture the actress sent to her husband Cutter last Mother’s Day while lying on the bathroom floor.

She exclusively revealed to Us Weekly, that she can’t wait to tell her husband about the good news. She took the pregnancy test then went back to Beau to dress him, came back and saw the positive result.

“I screamed”, she says. Why five? It took five because according to the actress, her husband wasn’t with her at that moment and she knew he would want the proof. Happy and excited while sharing the story.

Concerned that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) will affect pregnancy

Suprano actress, Jamie, and her husband were ready for another baby.

This was her confession in Us Weekly in May, but what concerned her was her long time battle with multiple sclerosis (MS). It might possibly impact her ability to get pregnant. “In the back of my mind, I was very worried about if my illness would involve with getting pregnant but in the first month we found out we were”, she said.

Now, Jamie was very careful with her situation and is very happy with her pregnancy. The soon-to-be mom of a new baby boy said that MS doesn’t make it any worse, it’s just about more weight and balancing but she is very committed to her physical therapy and in taking care of herself. She added it’s not just for herself but for her family, knowing she’ll be running around even more. Sweet Jamie Lynn Sigler.