Zayn Malik was a former member of the boy band One Direction. The star subsequently left the group and began a solo career before the band's split in 2016. Zayn has been releasing new music ever since. Recently in an interview with Vogue, the artist opened up about his struggles with anxiety. The singer revealed how difficult it is for him to live with his anxiety and talked candidly about how it affects his life.

The singer talks about his anxiety

According to Refinery, Zayn Malik revealed all about his dealings with anxiety when he was interviewed by Vogue.

The star came clean about how badly his anxiety has been affecting his life. Zayn explained that he is not a very social person and how people do not seem to understand this. The singer said that there is a different perception of him out in the media. Fans and the paparazzi often paint the singer as a party animal and this, the singer explained, is not the case.

Malik told Vogue that he does not like going out to places with large crowds. He stated that his anxiety makes situations with lots of people highly uncomfortable. He tries to avoid events and parties that he knows will trigger his anxiety. Malik stated that people think he is arrogant because of the way he acts when he is anxious. This has been a constant battle for the artist throughout his career beginning with the huge concerts as a member of One Direction.

Anxiety caused the singer to leave One Direction

It is clear that the majority of the public does not know the extent of Zayn Malik's anxiety. According to Entertainment Weekly, the star confessed that the lifestyle he was living as a member of One Direction caused him great distress and turmoil. His anxiety was constantly at an all-time high with all of the concerts, touring, and promotion for the band.

Zayn stated that the nonstop five years the boys worked eventually overwhelmed him. He wanted to stay for his career, but he knew that he had to put himself first.

The singer is due to release his second album in the upcoming months. Zayn stated that he is planning to show his face more as he promotes his album. The "Pillowtalk" star is excited to see what the public thinks of his new music.

He is also looking forward to stepping out into the world after a year of keeping to himself.

Fans of Malik can look forward to his second album. The star admits he is still dealing with his anxiety but he is determined not to let it get the best of him.