Queen Cersei’s winning streak continues in the latest episode of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones.” We all believed back in the previous season's finale that the Incestuous Queen of the Andals would immediately suffer in the first few episodes of the seventh season. However, that's not the case so far. While Ellaria’s fate is still fresh in our mind, HBO has already dropped the bleak things waiting for us in the preview for the next week’s episode, “The Spoils of War.”

‘The Spoils of War’ preview

The trailer starts with Cersei presenting her plans to the Iron Bank’s envoy Tycho.

She tells him that her current aim is to re-establish control throughout the whole continent and every person on it. The question is how? So far, what we’ve seen her do to achieve this to a smaller scale is through violence and fear. What horrific method does he plan to do now?

Then, we see Dany tell Jon that all her allies are gone and losing. It seems that she finally discovered the defeat of her Unsullied army in this scene.

Then, we see Tycho finally giving Cersei the Iron Bank’s blessing, followed by a clip of Jaime opening a cabinet filled with gold. We also see someone unsheathe a curved dagger. This person’s identity is yet to be revealed on next week’s episode.

After suffering successive defeats, Dany finally hits the red button on Tyrion’s clever plans.

Does this mean that she’s finally going straight for King’s Landing with her dragons? The scene is immediately followed by brief clips of Podrick getting a strong blow possibly from Brienne while training, and Theon pulling a rowboat with his fellow Greyjoys from their ship. And finally, we see a scene of Arya staring at Winterfell from afar.

Check out the preview below.

Arya’s journey home and Dany’s wrath

We see Dany in this preview getting frustrated with their plans. With Yara and Theon’s defeat and Unsullied’s complete annihilation at Casterly Rock, it seems that Dany finally wants to try something different. Is she finally going to unleash her dragons to King’s Landing?

And hearing her desperate tone while speaking to Jon, is she finally going to ask the King in the North’s help? And with the looming threat in the north, what would Jon do?

Meanwhile, Arya is finally going home. After the long wait, Sansa will finally see her sister again. And to think that she believes she’s already dead all this time. What’s more intriguing to think about is the kind of interaction she’ll have with Bran. This season is surely not holding back when it comes to surprises.