Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler announced the sex of her second child yesterday in a fun and creative Instagram video. The 36-year-old star filmed her baseball player husband, Cutter Dykstra, and their three-year-old son Beau playing baseball in the garden. However, there was a twist. When Beau hit the ball, it burst open and released a colored powder revealing the gender of the couple's unborn baby - a boy.

Speaking with US Weekly this month, Sigler said that she was so excited to shoot the video and reveal the gender of their baby. She added that the way they did it was fun for both of their families and their son Beau who loves playing baseball.

The star is currently four months pregnant and looking radiant as ever. The video has received over 22,000 views with the star having a following of 86,000 on the social media site.

Star took five tests to confirm pregnancy

Sigler revealed to US Weekly that she took five pregnancy tests to confirm the news. The star told the publication that she took a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy test and went about her business as a mom, getting her son dressed and ready for the day. When she came back to check the results, she said she screamed in shock and delight. The star then took about four tests because she said she knew her husband would want an abundance of proof.

The Sopranos actress was spotted out and about near her home in Los Angeles last Tuesday as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

On July 18th, the star shared the snap she sent her husband when she found out she was pregnant. The picture shows Sigler lying next to five Clearblue Digital Pregnancy tests on the bathroom floor with a big smile on her face. The actress told fans in the caption that she sent the picture to her husband last Mother's Day and that she had just arrived back from Israel and was so tired and jet lagged that she had to do five test to be sure the news was true.

Actress was worried Multiple Sclerosis could impact pregnancy

Sigler, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, revealed to US Weekly that she was concerned the disease could affect her ability to get pregnant or cause complications during pregnancy. The star revealed that she was delighted when she became pregnant with her first child as she was worried in the back of her mind that it may not be possible for her due to her medical condition.

However, the star had a healthy and happy pregnancy and she said she is being extra careful with this pregnancy to stay healthy. The mom added that he MS symptoms weren't any worse during pregnancy but that she is undergoing constant physical therapy to help with the extra weight she's carrying and for balance.