La La and Carmelo Anthony made headlines when they ended their seven-year marriage just this year. The report came after the former MTV VJ moved out of their family house in April. When asked about their separation, she confessed to Extra TV that she "kind of get used to it" after getting too much attention from the public.

La La's life after separation with Carmelo

While she can handle media attention without any worries, La La said she is trying her best to make her 10-year-old son, Kiyan, understand the situation on his level. “I kind of try to make it fun for him so he doesn’t view it as a negative thing," she explained.

In fact, the actress has been spending most of her time with her kid after she and her estranged husband separated. She even attended the recent BET Awards with Kiyan as her escort. Carmelo, on the other hand, reportedly tried to reach out to La La to save their marriage from reaching the rock bottom.

Carmelo wants to get back together with La La

Multiple sources told TMZ that the NBA hotshot has been sending his ex-wife text messages to apologize and offer reconciliation. Carmelo even insisted that he is still in love with La La and asked her out for dates.

Since their separation was made public, the professional basketball player has been a regular visitor on La La's social media account. Unlike in the past, Carmelo barely liked any of his then-wife's Instagram posts.

For La La's birthday last June 25, the 33-year-old athlete even wrote a sweet message to his "earth."

"I look at you on this birthday, and it is hard to believe another year has passed. You are as beautiful now as ever before," he said.

Carmelo's latest effort to express his love for the actress was yet another photo of her along with three emojis.

New sources told Hollywood Life that the NBA star has acknowledged his past mistakes and knew that he messed up.

“It’s painful because he doubts he’ll ever love another woman as much as La La," the affiliate said. "There’s no going back, and that makes him sick to his stomach."

While La La is moving on as a single mom to Kiyan, Carmelo is reportedly struggling to pull himself together after the separation.

“They were together for 13 years, so there’s a lot of shared history, you don’t just disengage overnight and walk away from that," the source added.

Three months after their separation, both parties have yet to submit their divorce petitions to formally end their marriage. Similarly, the actress has said that they are not filing for divorce "right now," suggesting that they are just going through what other couples face in marriage.