Spoilers for “The FostersSeason 5 episode 3 reveal an awkward scene is about to unfold as the former girlfriend of Stef Foster (played by Terri Polo) will visit the Adam Fosters home. The upcoming episode will also feature Callie (played by Maia Mitchell) and Arron (played by Elliot Fletcher) will go on a date with Mariana (played by Cierra Ramirez) as the third wheel.

The Fosters will have visitors

One sneak peek reveals that the Fosters have invited some visitors to dinner. In the clip, Stef and Lena Adams (played by Sherri Saum) can be seen informing their children that there will be neighbors who will visit them that following night.

Callie will then advise the couple that she and Aaron would not be able to join them as they have already set to go on a date.

Meanwhile, Jude (Hayden Byerly) will also not be able to stay home for the guests. Apparently, he will also go on a date with his boyfriend, Noah (Kalama Epstein). However, Lena will insist that he stays home and just request his boyfriend to come over to join the Fosters over dinner.

Meanwhile, it seems that not every member of the Fosters household will be willing to welcome guests at home. Jesus (played by Noah Centineo) appears lost, wondering why Lena and Stef would want everyone to be present when the new neighbors come.

Why is it important for Lena that her children would meet her guest?

The trailer explains why it is very important for Lena’s children to meet her guest. She tells her kids that the visitors were Stef’s classmates in high school and they have just moved into their place.

Until finally, Lena dropped the shocking news to everyone.

Lena then tells her children that one of the guests named Tess is the former girlfriend of Stef.

How will Aaron and Callie spend their date?

The clip reveals Aaron has planned to give Callie a surprise.

He then bought movie tickets online. Unfortunately, when he told the latter about the movie date, she does not look happy with the plan. Callie will be displeased for not asking her first on what movie she prefers before buying the tickets.

In another sneak peek, fans of the series will see how Callie and Aaron will proceed with their date. To make the plot more interesting, Mariana will go as a chaperone. The clip confirms that they will not use the movie tickets as Callie does not like the chosen film. Instead, the three will spend the night watching a live match.

While watching the live fight, Aaron will tease Callie to try out for the match. According to the former, the latter is strong enough to fight and that the uniform will look good on her.

Check out how Lena and the whole household will react when the ex-gf of Stef visits them at home. “The Fostersseason 5 episode 3 will air on Tuesday, July 25 at 8:00 P.M. on Freeform.