Hollywood star and widow of actor Paul Newman's wife, Joanne Woodward can't remember her soulmate and husband of 50-years anymore.

Joanne Woodward's health is going downhill fast family pal reveals

Celebrities Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman had a love that many never find. The couple was inseparable from 1958-2008 when Paul Newman sadly passed away at the age of 83 from cancer. Today, Woodward is reported to be losing all memories of Paul as she battles Alzheimer's Disease.

The couple first met in 1958 according to Life & Times of Hollywood reports when they co-starred in the classic film "The Long, Hot Summer."

Paul Newman left his billions to wife and charities, gives each child only $5 million

Paul was often quoted throughout his life as describing Joanne as “one of the last great broads,” while she said he was “the most considerate, romantic man.” It was a match made in heaven. Sadly, today at 85-years-old Woodward has lost all memories of the couple's beautiful romance due to the disease. A source close to the family told Closer that Joanne's "health is rapidly deteriorating, and only once in a while states that she used to be married to someone handsome."

It was shortly after Newman passed in 2008 that Joanne first began showing signs of Alzheimer's.

Paul and Joanne's daughters began noticing that their mother was becoming very disoriented according to the source. However, things continued to worsen, and now Joanne needs nurses to care for her 24-7. Today the once outgoing actress barely speaks or recognizes her children or grandchildren.

It is hard for her daughters to see their mother in this state.

However, reports reveal they are dedicated to being there for their mother. Early in the disease, Woodward's daughters were having their mother treated during a drug trial at Yale University's Adler Geriatric Assessment Center. But, now the family feels that at this point the disease has reached the point of no return and that Joanne will soon be reaching her end.This is not the only sad news for the Newman/Woodward children.

Their mother's illness comes at a hard time within the family as they are battling each other over Newman's billion dollar estate. Just before Paul Newman's passing, he gave each of his five daughters, three with Woodward and two from his first marriage $5 million each for their inheritance. It was revealed that Paul believed all his children were successful and did not need to rely on the family money. The bulk of Newman's estate was left to Joanne and various charities.

It has now been reported that Newman's children are upset with their father's decision and are very worried as to how Joanne may, or may not have included them in her will. They believe she could leave them nothing and donate the family billions to charity.

At this time it is not known just yet what Joanne Woodward has decided to do with the billions of dollars, but it has been speculated that the five Newman children are fighting over the cash and could very well be planning to contest Joanne Woodward's will after her death.