There are many fans upset with the way 'The Originals' season 4 ended. The Mikaelsons have split and it looks like Klaus will have a long and unhappy life. Fans wanted to see better, saying that he deserves happiness. This lonely future could lead to him turning into the monster that he was when originally introduced in 'The Vampire Diaries'.

The big question is whether Klaus has actually redeemed himself for the centuries of hurtful, evil acts. Is he the hero that fans view him as?

Klaus is not yet fully redeemed

It will take a long time for Klaus to fully redeem himself for his acts of the past.

He has turned all those who were once with him against him and his family. He acted selfishly to reverse one of his curses, while forcing his family to stand by him through lies and deceit. He even daggered his siblings and locked them in coffins for decades, and in some cases centuries, because they did things he didn't like or want.

Surely it will take more than sacrificing his happiness a couple of times to redeem his actions. He needs to live a lonely life for a few decades to understand how others have felt in the past. He needs to know what his siblings felt like when they didn't get the chance to be happy with significant others. He doesn't deserve full happiness until he has fully atoned for his past sins.

Michael Narducci says Klaus as grown in 'The Originals'

Former showrunner of 'The Originals' says that Klaus has certainly grown over the years. Five years of torture at Marcel's hands probably help, but he hasn't fully redeemed himself just yet. The sacrifice was for his daughter, so he could be worthy of the title "dad." There is still a selfish element to his actions.

It will be the actions to come over the next few years that will determine whether he is being selfish or doing things in the best interest of his daughter. Even Klaus commented that the family can't believe they've redeemed themselves by stopping The Hollow.

'The Originals' season 5 will see another time jump. The focus will be mostly on Hope in Mystic Falls, but there is certainly an opportunity for Klaus to return.

It is very likely that fans will see the Mikaelsons again to make sure they are on the path of redemption, especially Klaus. Maybe at the end of 'The Originals', whenever the series finale will be, there is a chance that Klaus will have completely redeemed himself and be worthy of that happy ending.

'The Originals' season 5 returns sometime in the midseason on The CW network. It's currently unclear who will crossover into the series, but Julie Plec is taking over from Narducci as showrunner.