'Ozark' is produced and directed by Jason Bateman who also plays a major role in the show. Produced by Bill Dubuque, a brand new clip for the Netflix series has been released online.This new look at the show doesn’t give us much as that first borderline red band trailer did, but it once again delivers the tone nicely.

The story revolves around a finance officer who is tasked to handle the finance of a drug cartel in New Mexico. In addition to Jason Bateman, the series features Laura Linney, Skylar Gaertner, Sofia Hublitz, Julia Garner, Esai Morales, Jordana Spiro, Peter Mullan, Jason Butler and Lisa Emery.

Jason Bateman portrays Marty Bird

'Ozark' is a joint project of Jason Bateman, Andrew Bernstein, Ellen Kuras, and Daniel Sackheim. Jason plays Marty Bird who is a finance officer and is married to Wendy (Laura Linney). Marty and Wendy live in the United States, and they have two kids, Jonah and Charlotte.

The teenage children are portrayed by Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner. Bird's wife and kids do not know that he is working for a drug cartel in New Mexico. It is the crux of the show as Bird and his wife are forced to flee their home because of some dangers. They find themselves hiding out in the Lake of Ozark. A rival pursues the family, and one has to wonder if Bird and his children will turn to murder as they try to survive.

The new clips released

Two new trailers for 'Ozark' were released on Tuesday, July 4. They contain glimpses of what is to come on the Netflix series. From an ideal family life to one on the run, there are glimpses of action scenes, weapons, and death. A clip shows Marty standing in front of a young guy who is shot in the head.

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Wendy cleans blood from the floor in what appears to be a breathtaking scene. While Marty and his wife feature heavily in the clips, there is no information about the enemy they are going to face. It is also unclear if the rival reveals at the beginning of the show, or is he a faceless danger.

Den of Geek reports that the enemy is a drug dealer who has a bone to pick with Jason.

'Ozark' is a suspenseful and dark show and is sure to gain excellent comments from critics and audiences. The development of the characters is unusual as they go from an ordinary American family to a family on the run. The themes of the series are capitalism, survival, and family. Laura Linney and Jason Bateman fight to protect themselves and their kids, and there is a chance to explore transitions of their characters. 'Ozark' premieres on July 21, 2017.

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