Harry Styles is ready to work on a new movie if it's the right material. During an interview, the "Sign of the Times" singer revealed that he isn't looking too much into the future as far as his acting career goes. However, his experience filming his first ever movie was so good, he'd welcome the experience again. Especially if it's the sequel to "Dunkirk."

Harry Edward Styles is having a stellar year! After releasing his first solo album, "Harry Styles", which has debuted number one in several countries, he takes on the big screen and does awfully well in it too.

As if there's anything he can't do well, Harry even went on to say he'd sign on to join the movie should "Dunkirk 2" be produced.

'Dunkirk' sequel in the works?

The war movie written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan was a smash hit! Aside from getting rave reviews, it also dominated the box office, earning $105.9 million worldwide on its opening weekend. The success has its cast reeling with excitement, especially since it is Harry Styles' first movie. The One Direction heartthrob even went on to say he'd welcome a sequel to the movie. Could there ever be a part 2?

No spoilers here, but it would be safe to say that a sequel to the war film wouldn't be happening. But if ever there would be "Dunkirk 2", Harry would suit up in a heartbeat.

“I’d do this one again,” Styles told PEOPLE. When probed whether he'd do a sequel, he said: "for sure." Co-star Fionn Whitehead then teased "Dunkirk: The Return.

As to whether he'd pursue acting, Harry said he hasn't decided yet.

“[It] was such an amazing experience and I feel very lucky to have been able to be a part of it...I don’t think you can really think too far ahead with anything."

Fans trend #RespectHarry on Twitter

While he is enjoying the success of his movie, Harry Styles' fans have started to trend the hashtag #RespectHarry.

This follows reports that a few girls waited outside Hazza's apartment to give him flower. However, as Teen Vogue reported, the ladies "were wearing lacy tops and silk robes and had allegedly plans to become the singer's 'groupies' by finding their way into his inner circle."

Fans did not appreciate this gesture, calling it "invasive." They started tweeting reasons why fans should think about their idol's welfare, using the hashtag #RespectHarry.

Harry has yet to comment on the incident and the Twitter trend. But given how he has showed love to his fans in the past, it's best that his fans reciprocate that love by respecting his privacy as well.