Keke Palmer is an actress currently starring in the hit TV series "Scream Queens". Palmer recently went after celebrity Kylie Jenner in an interview stating that Jenner broke under the pressure of the media. For the majority of the interview, Palmer focuses on Kylie's transformation. The actor had some interesting points to say about Kylie's reputations as a role model to the youth and talked in earnest about the effect the media has on both celebrities and their fans.

The star talked openly about Kylie

According to Page Six, "scream queens" actor Keke Palmer has recently slammed Kylie Jenner.

Palmer talked openly about her opinion of Kylie's drastic transformation. She has stated that Kylie caved to the pressure of the media and changed her look before she could be scrutinized for it. Palmer openly said that Kylie degraded herself by going through with her transformation to become the perfect version of herself.

Keke brought up the issue of the media and the pressure Kylie had to deal with when she was younger. Keke pointed out that Kylie was the victim of a lot of abuse when she was younger. She was often referred to as the ugly Kardashian because she did not look as "perfect" as her sisters. Even the stars own mother was considered more beautiful.

Keke stated that this was the reason for Kylie's transformation.

Palmer believes that Kylie Jenner should have stood her ground and showed her fans that she was not going to change because of the media. However, clearly this was not the case and the star is being celebrated for her new look rather than criticized.

The importance of being a role model

According to the Daily Mail, the reasoning behind these comments about Kylie was because Palmer is concerned about her role model status.

Palmer stated that she does not think that Kylie makes a good role model to the young women and men out there. Palmer stated that with any celebrity one has to consider how their actions will affect their fan base. Kylie getting lip fillers at only 17-years-old was something Keke was strongly against stating that it has the star's fans the wrong impression.

Keke Palmer has made no comment as to why she came after Kylie specifically. Fans are wondering if there is some tension between the pair. Neither Kylie Jenner or her representatives have made a statement about Palmer's claims. One has to wonder if Jenner will take action against Palmer. However, for now, any claims made are merely speculation.