YouTube sensations Michael and Heather Martin lost custody of their two children after videos of them pranking their children attracted a fierce backlash and accusations of abuse. Known to their YouTube followers as DaddyOFive and MommyOFive, the Martins' children were taken away by the Frederick County Sheriff's Office in Maryland approximately two weeks ago.

This all started as a way to help their family.

Many people have garnered a pseudo "celebrity" status through YouTube. People like Trisha Paytas, Pewpiedie, Bethany Mota, and many others have reached a level of fame, or infamy, due to their status as YouTubers.

Mr. Martin had hoped that the videos he and his wife posted of them pranking their children would garner them this "status" as well.

He had hoped to build his children’s' college funds. Both Mr. and Mrs. Martin claim that most of the content was staged and therefore they never considered it abuse; however, the YouTube community didn't see it so innocently.

Angry Vloggers start a petition against the couple.

Soon after the prank videos were posted, the Martins' became subject to much criticism and controversy from the YouTube and online community. Many of their videos were filled with profanity and what many perceived as both physical and verbal Child Abuse. Quickly, a Petition was created calling for Child Protective Services to take action.

Many of the videos focus on their young son Cody. The videos usually show the child crying after the pranks, such as when the Martins' try to convince him he is being put up for adoption or smash all his electronics. In other instances, Cody was told by his father and step-mother that he was "thrown away like garbage."

Cody and his sister Emma are now in the custody of their biological mother, Rose Hall in North Carolina.

Hall gave a statement, giving her thanks to the YouTube community for their support and action. Both children are going through extensive therapy.

The Martins' issue a tearful public apology.

All the Martins' videos have been taken down from their YouTube channel except for an apology video. A couple of weeks ago the Martins' appeared on "Good Morning America" and said that Child Protective Services is still investigating the possible child abuse. Though most of the content was staged, Mr. Martin admits that some of it was real and feels that he has "destroyed" his family when he thought he would be helping them.