We live in a society, and a world, that is more environmentally aware than we have ever been. People are consciously factoring in the environment, and their carbon footprint, into the decisions they make at home and work. Consumers are also looking for businesses and Business owners who are just as caring and observant as they are. The modern day consumer will appreciate and patron a business who cares about more than just the money. There are some simple choices and changes that a business owner can make in order to go green and make a difference in their Bottom Line.

7 simple ways

  • 1. Going paperless is a great way to move in the direction of going green. This isn't possible in all cases though. So as an alternative, using post-consumer waste (PCW) is the next best choice to make. PCW is the only paper that is made of 100% of the paper from those little blue recycling bins, it's truly 100% recycled. PCW paper is the paper with the least impact on the environment.
  • 2. An overlooked tip is switching lightbulbs from the conventional bulbs to LED's or compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). A company can immediately see change in their energy bill by making this change. These bulbs use less energy than conventional bulbs and they last much longer.
  • 3. Energy star rated appliances and equipment can save a lot in energy costs. These appliances are rated to use the least amount of energy necessary. Spending the money to upgrade your equipment can be a great investment in your company for the long run.
  • 4. Businesses can get an energy audit on the physical building in which they are located. This will identify structural issues, and by correcting and repairing these issues in the physical structure, a company can save up to 20% in their heating and cooling costs.
  • 5. Whenever possible, a business can use alternate energy methods and sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower.
  • 6. If your business requires vehicles to deliver your services and products; try using bikes, public transportation, or hybrid vehicles.
  • 7. Lastly, try thinking outside the box like recycling things like gently used office furniture. What else could you recycle to help your business?

More than just bottom line

Not only are consumers today environmentally aware, they know who they are doing business with.

People are doing research on businesses for reviews and information before they choose them. Companies can do simple things like the above tips to not only go green but to appease their consumers and show the integrity of their business. They will continue doing business with a company when that business is as thoughtful as the patrons they serve.