The highly celebrated and speculated book, “The Winds Of Winter” from George R.R. Martin has been confirmed to come out. Finally, GRRM revealed his plan to release the sixth novel of “A Song of Ice and Fire” next year.

The author finally gave updates through his blog

Good news for the bookworms! Fans of “Game of Thrones” and “A Song of Ice and Fire” could get hold of their highly anticipated book, “The Winds of Winter” by next year. The author finally spoke up and dropped the major bomb that fans have been so wanting to hear.

The official update was not the central theme of the post.

However, GRRM also took the time to include interesting details about the much-delayed book in his recent blog titled “The Swords Are Drawn.”

Hours ago, the renowned author George R.R. Martin posted a new blog from his online journal. He talked about “The Book of Swords,” the latest anthology from Gardner Dozois. In the blog, he emphasized that he did not write nor co-edit the new book.

Furthermore, he described the book to have covered some fake histories of Westeros. This led GRRM to talk about his writings. He then continued by specifying his plan of coming up with a book of his false histories of the Targaryen kings, which is titled “Fire And Blood.” The author also mentioned that they have not set any publication date for this book but teased that the first volume will most likely come out later in 2018 or early 2019.

With regards to “fake” stuff, the author also talked about the fake reports that have surfaced regarding his book, “TWOT.” George R.R. Martin even described the reports to be “truly weird.” He also mentioned that some journalists have tried making up their own stories to discuss his over-delayed book.

Moreover, Martin also expressed his thoughts on how “TWOW” is being extremely speculated.

He teased that he is not sure which report “is more absurd” as he sees some articles are saying the book is already completed, while other reports say he has not written the book at all. In both speculations, the author called them “false and equally moronic” reports.

When can we expect from “The Winds of Winter?”

Towards the end of his blog, GRMM then gave an update to silence all fake speculations.

The author said “TWOW” is still in the process of writing and that he needs more months to finish it.

Meanwhile, George R.R. Martin also teased that he is just not sure which one from “The Winds of Winter” or “Fire and Blood” will ultimately come out first. However, he also assured that one book about Westeros would be released next year. He also added that there could also be two books that will be out next year.

Looking at his first statement, saying the “Fire and Blood” will most likely be released in the later part of 2018, does it mean fans could see “The Winds of Winter” in early 2018? What do you think about GRRM’s statements?