Usher is currently on the hot seat after his alleged sexual partners claimed that they have engaged in Unprotected Sex with the singer even after he was diagnosed with herpes in 2009. Atty. Lisa Bloom was the first to speak up and revealed that multiple women have communicated to her to share their experience with the singer-rapper.

Attorney slams Usher for allegedly engaging in unprotected sex

The lawyer, in a series of tweets, even warned Usher that he could face legal action if he will be proven guilty of hiding his herpes diagnosis from his sexual partners in the past.

In a statement to Hollywood Life, Bloom described Usher's nondisclosure of his health condition as "appalling, illegal and dangerous to women's health." Several state laws even require a person to inform his or her partner about a sexually transmitted disease (STD). In fact, a person can be held accountable if his or her partner contracted the disease.

Meanwhile, an unnamed stylist accused Usher of engaging in unprotected sex even after he was diagnosed with herpes eight years ago.

The complainant said that the singer had assured her that he was clean and had been tested, which convinced her to continue her relationship with him. The stylist was later diagnosed with herpes as she stated in her documents.

Singer faces the second lawsuit

A Daily News report stated that Usher paid $1.1 million to settle his legal battle with the complainant.

A few days after the news came out, a second woman came out and accused the "Confessions" artist of refusing to wear a condom during their intercourse.

The newest complainant noted that their first engagement took place on April 16, where she confessed of performing oral sex on Usher. She claimed that they have met again at a hotel in New Orleans 12 days later, but added that the singer allegedly did not inform her of his STD in both instances.

The plaintiff did not mention whether or not she was infected with Usher's herpes after their engagements. She, however, argued that she would never have made out with the "U Got It Bad" artist" if she knew about his condition. Hence, the complainant reportedly filed a $10 million lawsuit for negligence, battery and causing her emotional distress.

Usher's first case was first brought to light in December 2012, three years after he and Tameka Foster ended their two-year marriage. The celebrity stylist even fired back at her critics in the wake of her ex-husband's scandal. "I have been divorced 8 years. Some issues are not my business. Not my circus, not my clowns," she wrote.