Last Friday, on the cover page of the French magazine "Voici," published a paparazzi photos of George Clooney's twins. According to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Clooney released a statement that he will be taking legal action and sue "Voici" and the photographer who took the pictures. According to the report, the photos were taken at the actor's Lake Como estate in Italy.

George Clooney plans to prosecute the French outlet

The famous couple George and Amal Clooney gave birth to a twin last month. According to sources, they named the babies Alexander and Ella.

The couple has still not spoken out in any kind of details about the kids and kept the photos of the babies as private as possible. They have done all they can do to keep any information about the kids to themselves and their close friends and relatives.

However, last Friday, on the cover page of "Voici" magazine, a photo of George and Amal holding the twins was published. In a statement released by george clooney, he said that he would sue the French magazine. In his statement, he stated that the photographer trespassed their property and took the unauthorized photos.

"One of the photographers for "Voici" magazine scaled our fence, climbed our tree and illegally took pictures of our twins inside our property," the statement read.

Not only pressing charges against the French outlet but the actor is also considering scaling up the security for his family. Mr. Clooney is now planning to upgrade his security, not just at his Lake Como house but as well on his other five properties.

According to Hollywood Life's insider, the paparazzo's trespassing on the property has made Mr.

Clooney terrified for the safety of his children. He became very anxious over what could have happened to them. He just can't help himself being horrified that someone was able to get on his property and get that close to his babies without him knowing. The 56-year old actor is planning to do everything to ensure that this thing will never happen again.

'Voice' says the photos were published in response to a public demand

The French outlet has reached out to comment on the issue. Their response on the issue is that the photos published on their cover page last Friday are a response to a public demand. "George and Amal are public personalities and the birth of their twins last month has made the public curious. Everyone loves the Clooney couple has been following their life story for many years. Those pictures taken do not endanger George and Amal, and their kids," Voici said in their statement.