"General Hospital" spoilers from a brand new "GH" promo video released tonight by ABC gives a sneak peak at Jennifer Bassey's new role on the ABC soap. Although some have speculated that Bassey might bring her "All My Children" character Marian Colby Chandler to Port Charles, it seems that she's got a new part that will last just one or two episodes.

This aligns with Nathan Varni's recent podcast interview where he said he would bring in "AMC" and "OLTL" characters for guest arcs. However, this is not even the same character unless Marian got out of the insane asylum and decided to try a new career.

"GH" spoilers show Bassey plays a literary agent when she debuts on "GH" on Tuesday.

Nathan and Amy meet Jennifer's character

The new "General Hospital" promo video shows Nathan and Amy are set to try and make a book deal for Amy's "Man Landers" advice guru. The problem, shown by "General Hospital" spoilers, is that Amy used Nathan's gorgeous face for her blog so that's the face the book agent is expecting.

Nathan suits up nicely, as we see in the latest "GH" spoilers and Amy pretends to be Nathan's manager or agent so that she can sit in on the meeting.

Amy's plan was to take control of the meeting and do all the talking so that Nathan wouldn't be revealed as a fake who doesn't really write the advice blog.

Jennifer Bassey on Tuesday, June 20 "GH"

According to the latest "General Hospital" spoilers from the new ABC promo, Nathan and Amy head to meet Jennifer Bassey's character, but Amy's plans go awry.

Bassey won't let Amy run the meeting. She forces Nathan to talk about his supposed advice that he offers and Nathan surprises Amy.

The "GH" spoilers promo shows that when Bassey steps out of the room, Amy asks Nathan how he knew so much so that he could convince the agent that he's the real deal instead of her. Nathan reveals that he was concerned they might be cornered so he studied the website and all the "Man Landers" advice so he could talk convincingly.

Nathan plays "Man Landers" like a pro on the next "General Hospital"

When Bassey steps out, the "General Hospital" spoilers video shows Amy asks Nathan, "How did you know?" Nathan says, "Well, come on. After I agreed to do this whole Man Landers thing, I figured I probably better read up on it." Then Nathan complimented Amy saying, "I've got to say, the advice was pretty solid."

"General Hospital" spoilers say that Nathan compliments Amy and says, "You're a strong, compelling writer. I just wish you didn't have to hide behind an alias so the whole world would know how talented you are." Amy replies, "I thought I already explained this, but I'll explain it again.

Guys won't take advice from a woman."

Bassey's agent busts them for scheming in secret

Just as Amy tells Nathan, "If this book is going to go anywhere, everyone has to think that you wrote it." "GH" spoilers promise Nathan calms her and says, "Okay, okay, okay." but then adds, "Well besides the whole 'I'm a cop and it's bad for my image' thing, I also don't like taking credit for somebody else's work."

"General Hospital" spoilers promise Amy reassures Nathan that, "You're not taking credit for my work. You're doing me the favor of a lifetime." Then things turn bad just as Amy says, "Don't worry, this charade won't go on for much longer." Bassey comes in and overhears then demands to know, "What charade are you referring to?" Whoops!

Click below to check out the "GH" official promo video. All of this Jennifer Bassey goodness happens tomorrow on "GH" according to ABC's latest official "General Hospital" spoilers.