"General Hospital" fans can rejoice because Maxie will be back! It has been a long time since kirsten storms has been on the set filming. Maxie was last seen back in February when she married Nathan (Ryan Paevey). After some much needed time away, she returned to film shortly before the summer hiatus for "General Hospital" happened. Now that she is back in Port Charles, things between Amy (Risa Dorken) and Nathan are going to get complicated.

Where was Kirsten?

Earlier this year, Kirsten Storms was looking rough. Fans began to notice her gaunt appearance and shortly after, she announced she was taking a leave of absence from "General Hospital." Fans and trolls were constantly questioning her decision, but when someone accused her of being on drugs, she clapped back and admitted she was battling severe depression.

Now, she is back in Port Charles, and fans are excited.

According to She Knows Soap, Nathan will be getting a surprise on Tuesday. That is when Maxie will be arriving home. Rumors have been swirling for some time about how this is going to go down. "Ask Man Landers" has been highly publicized and now, it appears Maxie may have figured out that Nathan is the man behind the mystery. There is going to be a battle about his assistance and Amy's connection, one that may bring out the bad girl side of Maxie.

Sonny gets stabbed

This Sonny (Maurice Benard) storyline is going to get complicated. "General Hospital" fans are anxious for the writers to have Sam's (Kelly Monaco) issues revealed. The back and forth with the visions of "evil Sonny" and Sam's reaction to Jason (Billy Miller) and Sonny's conversations have rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

Sam is rumored to stab Sonny and leave him to die.

Aside from this, Scout is going to be in trouble. It is unclear what the diagnosis is going to be, but Griffin (Matt Cohen) is concerned. Could the issues with Sam be connected to Scout's issues? This week is reportedly going to connect the dots.

The upcoming week is going to be full of surprises and shocking revelations.

With all of the impending exits from the show and the characters returning, there are going to be answers for some of the questions that have been hanging in the balance for some time. Port Charles is going to be busy between a stabbing and a kidnapping, with rumors of a possible murder. One thing is certain, there isn't going to be a dull moment on "General Hospital."