Maddie Ziegler is making a name for herself after leaving “Dance Moms” in season 6. The young star has expanded her brand from being a dancer to being an actress, model, writer, and businesswoman. With her career taking off so well, the 14-year-old is trying to save it from her former mentor’s current legal battles by pulling herself out of Abby Lee Miller’s mess.

Although her mega-successful collaboration with Australian superstar Sia catapulted her to stardom, Maddie Ziegler will always be known for her stint on the reality dance television series.

Even though “The Book of Henry” actress has been off the Lifetime show for quite awhile, people have always linked her to Abby Lee Miller.

Maddie reveals relationship with former mentor is non-existent

The famously tough dance teacher was sentenced to one year and one day in prison after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering charges. With this negative press, Maddie Ziegler might be worried that her connection with Abby Lee Miller will ruin her blossoming career.

To keep her name away from the 50-year-old dance instructor and choreographer’s personal drama, Maddie Ziegler tries to avoid answering any questions regarding the Abby Lee Dance Company (ALDC) mentor.

Entertainment Tonight previously caught up with Maddie Ziegler and the young teen was asked a couple of questions about her romance with Jack Kelly and her relationship with Abby Lee Miller.

The “Ballerina” star was all giggly when ET’s Lauren Zima talked about how cute she and her Australian boyfriend were on Instagram, but she looked awkward and uninterested when asked about her former “Dance Moms” teacher.

"I don't really think I have anything to say about her,” Maddie Ziegler simply replied when the reporter asked if she was surprised by Abby Lee Miller’s legal battles.

The teen also revealed that she doesn’t talk to her former dance teacher anymore.

Maddie enjoys romance with new boyfriend but understands the limits

Maddie Ziegler has clearly moved on from the Lifetime show and she is more than ready to move forward. The young star is now focusing on her solo career while keeping her heart happy with Jack Kelly.

The former “Dance Moms” star is definitely not one to shy away from showing off her man on her social media accounts. However, Maddie Ziegler also knows that she’s still too young for love.

"I would never want things to move too quickly and plus I know I'm still 14, I'm still a child,” Maddie told ET. “But Jack is really great and I have a good time with him.”