Andre Maddox and Anna Devane have been building a friendship for quite a while. They became acquainted when she was his patient. Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that the couple may have a romance as hot as their moves on the dance floor.

Anna and Andre take things very slowly

Andre and Anna have taken things so slowly that for a while it looked as if they would remain friends only. They seemed to become each other's confidants without any romantic interest. At the time Andre was dating Jordan, who seemed to recognize that her boss and her lover had feelings for each other.

She brought it up a few times but Andre always denied that there was anything more than friendship between himself and Ms. Devane.

Jordan later admitted that she had feelings for Curtis and she and Andre broke up. He and Anna continued to keep each other at arm's length. These two have been doing a slow dance around each other for about a year. All of that changed on Friday when the couple was dancing together. They combined disco and hip hop moves with the tango. Andre kept up with the more experienced Anna, and at the end of the dance, the two finally kissed.

This has been a very long time coming, but the fans were not necessarily rooting for this couple. The writers may have taken so long to get the couple to heat things up that no one really cares.

At one point Anna brushed Andre off and began throwing herself at Valentin Cassadine. It was later revealed that it was not Ms. Devane but her twin sister Alex. After the Chimera project was completed Andre and Anna began spending time with each other once more.

The dynamic is changing, but will they take it to the next level?

On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," as they were discussing their kiss, both of them seemed to feel awkward about it. Andre was about to walk away when Anna invited hm to her place. Unfortunately, Anna got a call from Nina about Valentin. She leaves Andre so they will have to talk another time.

If the spoiler alerts are correct, Ms. Devane and Mr. Maddox need something to change quickly because controversy is headed their way.

Valentin is supposed to get out of prison, and although he says he loves Nina, he will head straight to Anna. If this takes place the four of them will be right back where they were before: Andre on the outside looking in, and Nina acting like a jealous teenager while the heat between Mr. Cassadine and Ms. Devane shows itself to be greater than the feelings Anna and Andre have for each other.