Some new albums are coming in August 2017, but there aren't many that will truly get music fans out of their seats. Each genre brings something to the surface, with each also lacking a huge amount of depth in the coming month. Most people will be paying attention to the spectacle of one of the biggest albums of the month, however, rather than the actual musicality it will accompany. Here are the four most exciting music releases in August.

4. "Painted Ruins" - Grizzly Bear

The Brooklyn indie rock band has been working on this Album for several years.

Each album they've released as been progressively more popular, but they haven't released a record since 2012's "Shields." Nobody really knows what to expect from the band next month - they could continue in their psychedelic ways or experiment with something else entirely. "Painted Ruins" will paint the latest portrait of the band on August 18, 2017.

3. "Villains" - Queens of the Stone Age

This is the seventh studio album from the rock band. Mark Ronson is producing, which should create a product that is a little more uptempo than usual. The band hasn't released a record since 2013, so they are also coming back out of the woods a little bit here. Their name is still known, but the industry has moved on without them.

This is their chance to strike back. "Villains" will emerge on August 25, 2017.

2. "Brett Eldredge" - Brett Eldredge

Normally, the eponymous record is the first in a discography. But Brett Eldredge decided to wait until the fourth go-around to finally give fans an authentic peek of the country music superstar. "Somethin' I'm Good At" has already been released as a popular single.

He's already had four No. 1 singles on the Country Airplay chart and more are sure to come if he continues his upwards trajectory with this album. Country fans won't have long to wait, as the record arrives on August 4, 2017.

1. "Rainbow" - Kesha

Everyone wants to know what's next. Kesha's career was almost destroyed by her legal battle with her former producer, Dr.

Luke. It seemed like she may never make music again. But she's fighting back and continuing her career with a vengeance. It seems she's ready to move away from unsophisticated pop rhymes and enter into the realm of feminist empowerment. "Tik Tok" and "Die Young" are anthems of a past Kesha, but not a future one. Her most important album will become public fodder for discussion and analysis on August 11, 2017.