Selena Gomez has revealed that she has been working on exploring new sounds with her new album. She previously released the track "Bad Liar" which had critics raving. In the video for "Bad Liar" Gomez teased her upcoming track titled "Fetish". The singer did not reveal any more about it but the racy title had fans dying to know more. Gomez also teased the track on her social media. She dropped the single this week and the sensual track has captured the attention of the world.

New track 'Fetish'

Selena Gomez has been teasing her new track "Fetish" since the release of "Bad Liar". There was no known release date for the new track but Gomez released the song this week in her VEVO on YouTube.

The song also features artist Gucci Mane. Selena sings the majority of the steamy song with Gucci rapping a verse or two. "Fetish" lives up to its name as the track is overflowing with sensual lyrics.

Gomez has released a video with the track. The video was dropped on Wednesday, July 12. The video is simply a close up of the singer's lips as she sings the track. Selena is wearing pink lip-gloss and wearing gold hoop earrings. The nature of the video adds to the sensual nature of the track. The simplistic shots show Gomez smiling coyly as Gucci raps his part. "Fetish" is sure to be played on the radio this summer.

Taylor Swift shows her support for "Fetish"

"Fetish" has brought Taylor Swift back to social media after a long break. She praised the song and stated that the song was sultry pop music.

The fact that "Fetish" is good enough to bring Taylor out from hiding speaks for itself. Taylor and Selena have been friends for years and have always publicly supported each other in the music industry. Fans were delighted to see Swift congratulating Selena Gomez on her newest track.

"Fetish" is a unique song in Gomez's repertoire. Alongside "Bad Liar" these tracks give fans a taste of Selena's changing style.

The songs are more sensual and forward than previous music that the star has released. "Fetish" has a cool and relaxed vibe which draws in listeners from the beginning of the track. Gomez appears to be going in a more open and sensual direction with her music. Fans are delighted to see their favorite artist exploring new territory with her music.

"Fetish" was only released on Wednesday of this week and has already received some great reviews.

The song certainly marks a change in Selena's style and fans are anxiously awaiting to see what the singer releases next.

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