An action-packed "Game of Thrones" trailer has been released during the San Diego Comic-Con International on Friday. The video features new footage from the next two episodes of the season 7 (titled "Stormborn" and "The Queen's Justice"). Are you ready to get even more hyped than you already are? Because Winter is here, as well as the Targaryen-Lannister war.

The trailer

Enjoy the new "Game of Thrones" trailer:

Remarkable scenes: Randyll Tarly and the Red Woman

Click on the camera icon above to enter the photo gallery. Did you recognize the bold man in front of Cersei in King's Landing's throne room?

He's Randyll Tarly, the not so pleasant father of the lovely Samwell. He's the Lord of Horn Hill and Cersei is totally going to use his forces against "the Mad King's daughter". In the same scene, the recast Dickon Tarly (played by Tom Hopper) is also present.

In the first part of the trailer, we can see Varys approaching Melisandre in Dragonstone. The Red Priestess, who Jon banished in the previous season, will soon be back in the game. In the last seconds of the trailer, as you can see from the second picture of the gallery, she says to Daenerys: "I believe you have a role to play. As does another". Is she talking about Jon? We think so.

Euron's gift

Everyone is wondering what Euron's gift for Cersei will be.

The Comic-con trailer tells us that Euron is going to succeed in some military action. Moreover, if you look closely at the scene in which he's riding through King's Landing triumphant-looking, you can notice that he is dragging someone tied to his horse (third picture of the gallery). This doesn't look good for the people who Euron hates the most: his iron born niece and nephew.

Judging by Euron's smile, there is no doubt that Cersei's forces will get a win very soon. But Daenerys Targaryen's armies will attack as well: the new trailer, just like the previous ones, features several scenes in which we can see the Unsullied storming Casterly Rock, the seat of House Lannister and capital of the westerlands.

Jorah is in the trailer

The scene in which Ser Jorah Mormont can be spotted is a very dark one, but if you pause the trailer right after Yara and Ellaria are seen about to kiss, you can see the knight in his cell at The Citadel. Check the fourth picture of the gallery for a brightened up photo.

Jorah doesn't look very healthy, but his face is still there: the greyscale hasn't spread so far. There is still hope to save him!

Don't forget: the second episode of "Game of Thrones" Season 7, titled "Stormborn", will air on Sunday, July 23, on HBO.