The second season of Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet will welcome actor Zach Knighton. The dark comedy stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a couple with a very unconventional way of life. Since the show features humans getting eaten, the question now lies whether Knighton is for keeps or will be dinner as well.

Friend or food?

Most people would recognize Knighton from the ABC comedy series “Happy Endings.” He was the lead star in the show alongside Elisha Cuthbert and Eliza Coupe. It did pretty well in TV ratings but was canceled only after three seasons.

Sources say that the handsome hunk will play a crucial role in the hit semi-zombie TV show. If this is correct, then the odds of him becoming a meal are less. The 38-year old star is a welcome addition to the cast of misfits trying their best to blend in and be ordinary.

Married couple with a bloody twist

The sweet looking veteran actress Drew Barrymore plays the zombie role of Sheila. She lives alongside Timothy Olyphant’s character who plays her husband, Joel. If anything, Joel should win an award for best husband in the world.

All throughout season one, he remained faithful and supportive of Sheila despite her insane and sudden development into a zombie. The real estate couple live in the bright and sunny suburban town of Santa Clarita, California.

From living normal lives, they now have to source for human flesh that has become Sheila’s only source of sustenance.

Growing number of fans

The show has amassed a lot of fans and avid followers with its gruesome comedic ways. Admittedly, the series has a lot of gross scenes filled with blood. To maintain its light atmosphere, the producers and scriptwriters have balanced this off with humorous banter and cracked up situations.

The show also employs a single camera set-up which gives its story a unique delivery.

Based on feedback from fans, there is more clamor for added zombie characters in the film. Perhaps, it would be good to feature people who are like Sheila. The show received positive reviews from viewers.

Perhaps, the reason could be Barrymore’s near perfect portrayal of a neophyte zombie, or the comedic stance of the show, or the light scriptwriting.

Either way, the show is going strong. It even garnered a 71 percent approval on Rotten Tomatoes. For the unfamiliar, 71% is pretty high already considering how ruthless and critical Rotten Tomatoes is.

Too much gore

One concern on the show is probably all the blood and gore. A lot of viewers commented to lessen it or create the scenes to focus on other aspects instead. The graphic scenes of Sheila eating arms or legs are disturbing for many. Only time will tell if season two will have less of these.

It’s difficult to mix the genres of horror and comedy well, but the Santa Clarita Diet gets away with it. Netflix announced that the new season would hit their streaming sites in early 2018.