Hollywood star Dwayne “The RockJohnson has an interesting new co-star in his latest movie. The co-star is not human: It is Apple’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered personal assistant Siri.

Action star partners with AI

The unlikely combo of one of the world’s most famous action stars and Apple’s flagship AI brand has partnered in a project entitled “The ROCKxSIRI Dominate the Day.” Like other Siri movies, viewers can expect it on Apple’s YouTube channel.

The smartphone giant has released a photo poster of the short movie. From the looks of it, the project seems to be an action-packed adventure that includes a venture into space with a car chase on the side.

The Rock, known for his expertise in fighting for the good and battling against evil, appears to have a mission. The assistance of Apple’s Siri is crucial to the success of the mission.

Oddly, the poster also shows The Rock at what looks like a major concert with a sizeable audience. He is on stage with his face projected on the large-scale screens behind him. He could just be playing a celebrity character with a mission to save the world from an interesting adversary, a 4-legged terrifying menace. It has sharp edges surrounding its body and seems to be powered by high-technology.

All these are mere conjecture of course. Apple nor The Rock has released any information on the film’s premise. The Rock posted a Facebook entry calling the movie the “biggest, coolest, craziest, dopest, most over the top, funniest.” The actor is known for his character and ability to inject comedy and light banter into an otherwise intense scene.

The film will be available for viewing on Apple’s YouTube channel this week. There are no other available details yet.

Unique promotions

In their promotional efforts, Apple has delved into more unique and untraditional ways to market their brand and product. This is their second YouTube movie to date. The first one was a film by notable French director Michel Gondry.

It was impressively shot through a handheld iPhone. Some critics note that a good movie will need all the cinematic high-technology equipment. Gondry disproves this by creating a masterpiece through a smartphone alone.

Gondry’s film showcases the iPhone's capability to match the standards of other cameras and video shooting gadgets.

The venture with The Rock meanwhile is most likely a way to promote Apple’s HomePod. AI technology supports the HomePod as well. In a world where new products are launched every now and then, Apple has found a way to make their products more memorable.

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