The popular dark comedy show "#Santa Clarita Diet" starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Elephant has been renewed for another season. It will officially return in 2018 as Netflix confirmed by releasing a teaser via Youtube with a grotesque trailer full of body parts which were laid out to form the number two.

After being released on February 3, "Santa Clarita Diet" received positive responses from viewers and critics alike. Due to the popularity of the show, as well as the cliffhanger during the season one finale, we are assured that it will be back for a Season 2.

Season 1 ended with the Hammonds couple coming close in finding the cure for Sheila's #zombie condition. Season 2 will reveal to us whether the couple were successful or not.

Is there really a cure for Sheila?

Meanwhile, Sheila is starting to decline into being a member of the undead. During foreplay, she nearly bites Joel's fingers. She even had hallucinations of eating her family members. If she continues to act like this, she might not be able to continue her cover of being alive anymore and worse, the cure that is intended to stop her from reanimating will not have any effect anymore.

Although Dr. Cora Wolf already informed the Hammonds that Sheila will not be able to return to her old self back but will keep her from deteriorating and going feral, will the Hammonds be able to get the pure Serbian bile to complete the antidote now that Joel is in the psychiatric hold and Sheila is more dangerous and feral and is currently lock up?

Finding the answer is now in Abby’s hands

Finding the cure now lies in the hands of Abby and Eric. Now that we see Abby is becoming more and more involved with the creatures of the undead, will she be able to find the real reason why her mother is deteriorating even without her friend’s help? Even with lesser adults in the picture, will they be able to keep everything as a secret?

The answer to the big question “why are they turning into zombies?” might be answered in the second season. After finding the book telling the story of how a person turns into a zombie, Abby and Eric might also know more things why people are vomiting and turning into members of the undead, similar to what happened between Sheila and Loki.

“Santa Clarita Diet” is one of the best new television series of 2017, alongside “Legion,” “Feud,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “American Gods,” and “Riverdale.” Will the Netflix original continue to wow the audience in the second season?

All the answers to our questions will be revealed in "Santa Clarita Diet" Season 2 once it comes back in 2018. #zombie cure