Ever since Mackenzie Ziegler left the lifetime hit Reality TV show, "Dance Moms", last year in 2016, she's been focusing more on her singing career that she started while she was still dancing for Abby Lee Miller at the Abby Lee Dance Company - or more commonly known as the ALDC. She recently just went on the Zach Sang Show and talked about her singing career and upcoming projects. She also opened up about her feelings about Miller and what it was like while she was on the show. This is the first time the young pop star has talked about the former dance coach since she was sentenced to prison earlier this year.

Mackenzie says that Abby Lee Miller is "crazy"

In the interview, Mackenzie never addresses Abby directly by her name, but it wasn't hard to figure out who she was talking about. It simply seemed as though she wanted us to know who it was without directly saying her name.

The young dancer and singer said that when the show first started, she was only six-years-old, so she didn't really have any understanding of what was going on. She stated that she doesn't remember a lot from that time, she only remembers cameras all over the place and a lot of arguing.

She then went on to talk about how Abby Lee Miller was "crazy" and how she was always comparing her to her older sister, Maddie Ziegler. She felt as though she wasn't able to really be herself, that Abby couldn't accept that Mackenzie was her own person and completely different from Maddie.

She commented on that saying how unhealthy it was for her.

Because of the way Abby treated her, Mackenzie said that while she was on the show she always felt nervous and that she would stress out whenever she went onstage. She was afraid that people [her fans] would judge her or criticize her because that's all Miller ever did.

Many fans will remember the many times that Mackenzie forgot her routines or freaked out before going on stage. Abby would get so upset at her, but it all makes sense as to why it happened.

We have heard Abby complain about the Ziegler sisters claiming that they owe her for making them famous. And while she did technically make them famous, Mackenzie insinuated that she wishes that she had never been on the show.

She even stated that some of the drama on the show was exaggerated and edited to come across as a certain way by the producers.

The Ziegler sisters ran into Miller at Maddie's movie premiere for "The Book of Henry"

Not long ago, Abby showed up at Maddie's movie premiere for "The Book of Henry," but as far as we know, neither one of the Ziegler sisters had any contact with her at that event. But considering what Mackenzie said in her interview with Zach, it's not looking as though they did.

Aside from the drama with Abby, the other reason the Ziegler sisters left the show was to pursue other career paths. Although Mackenzie is still dancing, she has also launched her singing career, and it has really taken off!

She was just recently on a mini-world tour with Johnny Orlando. Aside from touring around the US, she also went to Canada and Europe. And according to her interview with Zach, it seems as though she has another tour with Johnny coming up.

She also said that lately she's been focusing on writing her own music rather than just singing the songs that are given to her. She says that it's much harder, but that she's having a lot of fun with it.