"Fear the Walking Dead" Season 3 episode 4 aired Sunday June 18. This episode explored Daniel's character in more depth. Fans got some insight into the survivor's background. The episode was full of action and terrible decisions, making it one of the best episodes of the third season in terms of plot development.

The story behind Daniel's survival

The latest episode of "Fear the Walking Dead" addressed how Daniel Salazar escaped from the fire he set in the season 2 finale. New addition Efrain saves Daniel's life and brings him to his friends. Here, the character of Lola is introduced, and it is clear from the outset that she is going to be very important in terms of Daniel's character development.

As he wonders if daughter Ofelia is alive, it's clear that the show is setting up a surrogate relationship between Lola and Daniel.

Lola helps to treat Daniel's burned and rotting skin. Daniel's leg has to be peeled with a blade and cleaned. However, Daniel is not dealing well with having killed 96 people and possibly his own daughter. He is tormented and in the midst of a thunderstorm is ready to accept his death at the hands of an undead.

As a zombie stands above him, Daniel is resolute that this is the right decision for him to pay for his sins. Without his wife and his daughter, he has no reason to live in this world anymore. However, lightning strikes the zombie down. Daniel somehow washes downstream to a pipe on the dead zombie and frightens the life out of two unsuspecting workers.

Dante thinks he has a great new asset in Daniel

Dante Esquivel's role in "Fear the Walking Dead is finally explained. Dante is presented as a dangerous character who hoards the water resources and distributes them as he sees fit. He took over Tijuana and created a dictatorship. However, Daniel is not someone to be controlled.

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He stabs Head of Security J.C in the hand with a fork, antagonizing the brute and as a result, he comes face to face with Dante.

Here Daniel's past is revealed. He fought in a civil war and was a killing machine trained by the C.I.A. He was part of a faction called the "Sombre Negra". This was revealed after Dante checked Daniel's lower lip to see a tattoo marked on the inside of it.

As the episode continues, Daniel is ordered to find the person stealing Dante's water. In order to save the drinking fountain keeping many outside the compound alive, Daniel sacrifices his saviour Efrain.

As Lola and others are set to be killed, Daniel allows an innocent man to die. However, in a twist, Daniel kills Dante and save Lola's life.

Last night's episode was full of surprises and betrayal. The question many fans are asking is, where is Ofelia? She has not been seen around the compound. Fans will have to wait until next week to find out more!