Hey, "Fear The Walking Dead" fans. Everyone at the Otto ranch will be scrambling after some deadly news gets spread. Madison will struggle to calm everyone down. A very rough truth gets revealed to Nick and more in this upcoming episode 6 of the current season 3. AMC released these spoiler teasers through the TV Guide website.

Red Dirt

A title for this installment was also revealed. They're calling it, "Red Dirt." Showrunners started their teaser synopsis off by giving us information about some bad news that's coming. Apparently, the somewhat peaceful Jeremiah Otto ranch is going to get shook up by news that implies danger is on the way.

This is going to cause all the townsfolk to start panicking and scrambling. What exactly is this terrible news? That is the huge question for this storyline. It will no doubt give us some very dramatic scenes to look forward to.

The teaser also reveals that Madison will attempt to calm all these fearful people down. It turns out that it's not going to be an easy task as they tell us that she will definitely struggle to keep everyone together. Will the scrambling continue to spiral out of control? Or will Madison finally come up with some sort of way to make everyone feel more at ease? That is something that we'll certainly have to wait to see because AMC did not give up any other details about that situation.

It will be interesting to see what she decides to do.

Hard for him to handle

In this third and final scoop, the plot summary revealed that Nick will have a pretty dramatic scene as they say he will be wrestling to come to grips with a truth that is very hard for him to handle. Wow! What could this truth be that has him so flustered?

That storyline will certainly give us some interesting scenes.

Female villain is coming

At some point during this season, we're supposed to see a female villain rise to power. Executive producer Dave Erickson revealed this vital info to the folks over at Comicbook.com during one of their exclusive interviews. This impending danger that's coming to the town in this episode might include this female villain that Erickson spoke about.

We'll have to wait and see. AMC is very good at keeping most of their important storylines under wraps. I'm surprised that they gave up those three scoops for this episode.

However, they do tend to give up more information in their sneak peek clips for each episode. So, you guys will definitely want to look for the new episode 6 preview clips later on tonight. We expect them to show up after episode 5 gets done airing. Also, we can confirm that episode 6 is currently scheduled to arrive next Sunday night, July 2nd,2017 at 8pm central standard time on AMC. Stay tuned.