Farrah Abraham seems to be excited that this current season of "Teen Mom OG" is coming to an end. Of course, Abraham never seems too excited to film the show with her team of producers, because she's always arguing with someone. Many fans of the show have revealed that she needs to show some respect to people around her because her behavior is affecting Sophia.

For a while, Farrah Abraham provided a stable environment for her daughter because she was in a romantic relationship with Simon Saran. Apparently, this was something she really wanted and she was excited to share this relationship on "Teen Mom OG." For a long time, Farrah had hoped for an engagement ring, and when he didn't rush it or express any interest in getting married to her, she lost interest in him.

On this season of the show, Abraham has hinted that she may be done with Simon for good and many fans agree. If they haven't worked out their issues these days, then there's no chance that their relationship is going to work in the long run. In an effort to promote the upcoming "Teen Mom OG" reunion special for tonight, Farrah Abraham sent out a Tweet saying she's excited to see everything wrapped up.

Could she finally be done for good?

Many have expected that Abraham could be done with "Teen Mom OG" for good, as she has previously stopped filming. This was because her co-stars refused to film with her after she decided to film two adult films. Her co-stars had no interest in filming with her because they didn't want their children to be linked to her adult film decisions.

But Farrah's comment that she's happy to be past it all could also have something to do with her boyfriend, Simon. Perhaps she has ended it already and she's excited to see the reunion special to end the relationship on television as well.

She's clearly not happy about something, even though her comments are very vague.

Making money elsewhere

If Farrah Abraham is thinking about leaving "Teen Mom OG," she does have other sources of income. Abraham has launched several stores and she's working hard to make them successful. Farrah also filmed her adult films, which paid out over $1 million.

It's possible that she's worked out a deal where she also gets a portion of the sales.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's tweet that she's excited to be past it all? Do you think she's referring to her role on "Teen Mom OG" because she wants to end her time as a reality star?