"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham's on-again-off-again, who really knows for sure what they are boyfriend/fiance/just friend Simon Saran has revealed what kind of mom Farrah really is and what she is really like in the bedroom.

Farrah Abraham outed by Simon Saran

It is not a well-kept secret that Farrah Abraham is not often well received in "Teen Mom OG" not just by her co-stars but by viewers as well. She is constantly under fire over her sometimes very questionable means of parenting her seven-year-old daughter Sophia, not to mention the way she treats people with her rude, outgoing "it's all about me" attitude.

Saran recently stated during an interview that he 100 percent believes Farrah is an amazing mom, (off-screen) to her daughter.Off-screen being his exact words. The latest episode of the MTV hit series "Teen Mom OG" reveals that Simon however, does believe that Farrah is completely fake when the cameras are on her. Simon even comes to Farrah's defense stating just how hard it is for Abraham to raise her daughter on her own, being both mother and father to a child is completely exhausting for any single parent.

Farrah Abraham selfish in the bedroom?

It is true, however, that Abraham has had a bit of a tough road supporting herself and Sophia, doing whatever it takes to make sure the job got done, even if that meant starring in her own sex tape, "Backdoor Teen Mom." Saran also reveals the relationship as unstable as it is at times has been a real adventure adding that they somehow so far seem to work through both the good and bad times.

Never really confirming either way for sure whether they are at this time on, or off Simon does reveal that no matter what is going on between them, one thing is for sure, they continue to have an amazing sex life. Saran describes Farrah in the bedroom as a bit selfish, saying that one thing is for sure Farrah makes sure to get her satisfaction in the bedroom.Does this come as a big surprise to you?

Farrah stays true to herself with her"my way, or thehighway life theme." But how do you believe she feels about Simon stating such intimate details to the public?

Take a look back in just the recent months, there have been numerous reports where Farrah's mouth has gotten her into trouble on social media. First with allowing Sophia to have her own SnapChat account, and with her remarks concerning Beyonce and Blue Ivy, and just last week nude photos were shared of Farrah, again. And we won't even go as far back as the dirty sex tape ordeal.