Last Friday, The Washington Post, referencing American officials who had been briefed on intelligence reports, disclosed to the public that the Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, had told his Moscow superiors that Trump's son-in-law #jared kushner had proposed a #secret and direct channel to Putin.

According to Sergey Kislyak, #Kushner made this suggestion along with another one to use Russian diplomatic facilities in the US to allow such meetings and talks to take place. Kushner discussed with the Russian ambassador using specific Russian communication locations at either a consulate or an embassy within America.

As of Tuesday, Trump's #White House hasn't denied or responded to the report that the Washington Post published. Nobody knows exactly whether Kushner saw the banker he met, Gorkov, as somebody who had the ability to act as a go-between or not; maybe, some are pontificating, the two men took the secretive meeting in order to set up that direct communications line to Vladimir Putin.

What we do know is that the more information that surfaces about Trump's ties with Russia, the more worrisome it's starting to look. All eyes are peeled as of Tuesday to see what intel comes to light next.