SM Entertainment has finally released EXO's new album, "The War," as well as the new music video for "Ko Ko Bop." The boy group just kicked off their comeback, and they are already taking the world by storm.

EXO gets new record with more than 800,000 pre-orders

It hasn't been a day yet, but EXO is already making waves as they start their comeback. On July 18 at exactly 6 PM (KST), SM Entertainment unveiled their new songs. Their new album, "The War" has just hit the market and it has already created a new record.

It has been revealed that the group's new studio album has surpassed and broke their record for pre-orders and created another milestone for them.

According to reports and their entertainment company, "The War" has already raked in up to 807,235 pre-orders. Their old album "EX'ACT" used to hold the top spot with most pre-orders.

EXO aims to be quadruple million seller

EXO has been absent from the music scene for a year and coming back to promote new music and gaining so much anticipation only proves that they are still one of the top idol groups in South Korea and most likely in the world. The group had three of their album sold over one million copies, and they gained the title of triple million sellers.

With the rate that "The War" album is going, it is highly expected that it will also sell at least a million copies. The group is reportedly aiming to earn the title of quadruple million sellers with their new album.

EXO 'The War' album track list

EXO's new album "The War" consists of nine new songs including their title track "Ko Ko Bop," which has been spearheading the group's recent comeback. The new album, as well as the new music videos for the main track, were released just an hour ago.

The track list of the group's new album consists of "The Eve," "Ko Ko Bop," "What U Do?", "Forever," "Diamond," "Touch It," "Chill," "Walk On Memories," and "Going Crazy." The group released two discs for the album, one for the Korean version and the other for the Chinese version.

Just like their album, their new music video was also released in two versions.

Their new main song is quite special as it has been revealed that group members vocals Byun Baek Hyun, vocals Chen, and rapper Park Chanyeol took part in creating the lyrics of the song. The idol group is set to make their comeback stage this week, and they have already been scheduled to appear on various variety shows such as South Korean program, "Ask Us Anything" to promote their comeback.