Elizabeth Hendrickson said goodbye to "The Young and the Restless" on Tuesday. Her character Chloe Mitchell left Genoa City along with her husband Kevin and their daughter Bella. It looks like this time Chloe may be gone be forever. Victor Newman tracked the trio to a motel where the three were preparing to leave. As long as they keep his secrets, Victor assured Kevin and Chloe that he will not bother them.

Chloe Mitchell came into town as a selfish, vindictive young woman

Chloe came to town pregnant with Billy Abbot's child from a one night stand.

Rather than tell him she got Cane Ashby drunk and told him they had sex and the baby was his. Eventually, however, the truth was revealed. Another secret that came out was the fact that Chloe was actually Kate the daughter of Esther the maid. Kate was embarrassed that her mother was merely the hired help so she legally changed her name to Chloe Mitchell.

During her early days back in Genoa City, Chloe was often cruel to her mother because she had shipped her off to boarding school. It took a while for her to develop a relationship with Esther. Chloe found true love with Kevin Fisher but her dark side returned when her daughter Deliah died because Adam Newman hit her with his vehicle. Chloe ran Adam down with her car and later blew up a warehouse where Adam was waiting for his wife Chelsea.

Chloe at this time was calculating and sneaky. She even outsmarted Victor Newman on a few occasions.

Chloe left town broken and humble

The Chloe Mitchell who walked out of the motel room with her husband and daughter was vastly different from the one who blew into Genoa City in 2008. The strong young woman who stood her ground with the most powerful man in town was no more.

When Victor Newman confronted Kevin and his wife at the motel, Chloe was cowering. She seemed very afraid that Victor would go away with her after he said he could not simply let them go.

Kevin convinced Victor that he would keep his secrets if he could simply start over with his wife and child. Victor kept the couple in suspense for a few moments and finally told them they could leave. Chloe had her head down and a look of fear on her face as she mumbled a weak "Thank you." She left town, oh, so humble and, even so, she held her own against Victor Newman and is still standing.