Aaron Carter sat down for an interview with Entertainment Tonight and the singer talked about the other run-in with the police before he was arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence and marijuana possession. Carter became emotional when he talked about his side of the story.

Initially, Carter had a problem after a tire on his Chevy Suburban blew out. He went to the Walmart Supercenter in Commerce, Georgia to have the tire replaced but his credit cards were declined. He told an employee at the store that he would call his manager but they believed he might leave without paying.

The employees then called the cops.

The manager of Carter said that they had to cancel the credit cards of the singer after his wallet got stolen, TMZ reported.

How was the first run-in with the police resolved?

Carter was not able to pay the bill but a fan offered to pay it for him. The service cost $110 but the fan only paid it after the singer gave her an autograph and took a photo with him. Aaron left the area without incident or any record with the police.

Aaron Carter talks trouble that led to DUI, marijuana possession arrest

Carter was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence and marijuana possession two hours later. The 29-year-old refused to undergo a breathalyzer and a drug test when he was arrested.

He was found in possession of less than one ounce of marijuana and other drug-related objects. He said that he declared he had marijuana on him but pointed out that he had a medical permit to carry such as he uses the drug to treat his anxiety.

The singer also said during his sit-down that he did not consume any alcohol as he has a condition called hiatal hernia.

He admitted that he sometimes drinks beer but he was firm in saying that he was not drunk when he was arrested for Dui. Carter also said that he did smoke marijuana but that was nine hours before he and his girlfriend got arrested, People reported.

Singer claims he was not given the chance to speak to an attorney

Just like what a statement on his Twitter account said days ago, Carter said in his recent interview that he was not allowed to speak to his attorney, USA Today shared.

He also said that he was not inside his vehicle and was already inside AutoZone when cops approached him and arrested him.

Singer’s car had problems even before first run-in with cops

The singer also said that even before his tire blew out and decided to go to AutoZone in Georgia to fix the misalignment of the newly-installed tire, he already had problems with the car. Carter bought the “cheap car” because he did not want to fly to his appearances due to the anxiety he has since the 9/11 attacks. Carter pointed out that the car’s alternator was shot and it kept dying. At one point, they had to stop travelling completely and in an attempt to rest, he tried to close the windows but they were stuck in the down position.

He then let his girlfriend, photographer Madison Parker, sleep in the back seat. He was up all night guarding his girlfriend and the vehicle.

Carte missed his show with Flo Rida in Kansas City, Missouri. He also missed another appearance in the same are the following day.

Aaron Carter does not need help

Towards the end of the interview, Carter said that he is hurt because people do not know him. Many believed that after his mug shot was released, he was on drugs or was addicted to something like crack, meth, or heroine. He already took to Twitter to say that he will not tolerate such lies as they are not funny. He added that he is heartbroken by the statements of other people regarding his appearance noting that he only looked like that because he has been guarding his car and his girlfriend for the past four days before the arrest and that he was just doing the best that he can to get to all his appearances so he drives all over the country.

He noted that he does not need help but he needs people to understand that he is still human and that he makes mistakes just like everyone else. He also noted that people should know he would not do anything to risk his life or his girlfriend’s life.