Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo finally welcomed the new addition to their family on June 18! The 'Dancing with the Stars' pros were having an ordinary Sunday when the Polish dancer went into labor after her husband stepped out of the house to buy a toilet at Home Depot. Two weeks after giving birth to their daughter, Leia, Sliwinska graced an exclusively interview with ET to talk about motherhood and what took place on the day their second baby arrived.

"We hardly made it to the hospital"

The Polish ballroom dancer said everything happened so quickly that their doctor even had to run to deliver her child.

The 'Dancing with the Stars' pro said the name "Leia" was suggested by their three-year-old son, Michael, and figured out that the name perfectly suits their daughter who came out like a little warrior with her fists up.

It has not been that long since she took a breather from dancing, but the 36-year-old dancer insisted that she is all set to be back in business. Although she desires to get back in shape and start performing again, Sliwinska still considers motherhood as her priority, especially now that she and Mazo have been blessed with another angel in the family.

Aside from looking after her kids, the female Edyta is trying to lose the weight she gained during her pregnancy. The mother-of-two said she still needs to burn 10-15 lbs, and even planned to share her fitness routines and diet online. She hopes to inspire other mothers to stay fit and healthy despite their busy schedules. More than bringing inspiration to others, the pro dancer is hopeful that her own fitness journey will motivate her to continue working out.

Life after giving birth

Aside from working out her postpartum weight, the 'Dancing with the Star' regular thought motherhood has given her some sort of a super power to function despite her lack of sleep. Sliwinska said she usually sleeps for three to four hours since Baby Leia came.

But despite all the sleepless nights, the Polish mom thought it is easier to raise daughter based on her experience looking after Michael when was still a baby.

"She basically sleeps all the time. I literally have to wake her up to feed her. When she’s awake, she just looks around and smiles," she told the publication.

Sliwinska said her son is more of a "troublemaker" who constantly seeks for their attention. But regardless of his behavior, she added Michael is doing a great job in expressing his love to his little sister.